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Keeping Singapore Clean Essay

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The slogan “Singapore, a clean and green city” is not there for nothing. Singapore, one of the world’s busiest port and city with a constantly increasing population of over 4 million people, is also one of the world’s cleanest countries. Singapore has been constantly coming up with new campaigns to remind Singaporeans to keep the county clean. There is also recycling campaigns which promotes the 3’R’s, reuse, recycle, reduce. Such campaigns have been proved successful with the amount of litter on the streets decreasing as time goes by. Such campaigns also make deep impressions in Singaporean’s minds as campaigns like this has mascots which go about the schools and streets to advertise and promote.
Walk around Orchard road and you’ll find different coloured recycle bins to encourage Singaporeans to recycle. Walk into the supermarkets and you’ll find increasingly more products made from recycled materials. Walk into shopping centers and you’ll find that it’s “Bring your own shopping bag” day! All around Singapore are messages, campaigns and products that remind everyone to be green and save the earth. There are even competitions held to decoration rubbish bins by painting them to make it look more artistic. Such competitions help raise awareness not only to be clean and green, but also the rich culture of art that Singapore has.
There have also been projects given to students on promoting and raising the awareness to keep our environment clean. Students now learn and realize the importance of saving the environment through recycling. Students also have projects whereby they “adopt” an area in parks to grow tree and will be put in charge of taking care of that area. Through such programs, they will be able to learn more about the environment. There are also talks given at schools to educate young children on the importance of keeping Singapore a clean and green city.
With the large amount of tourists visiting Singapore every day, even the newly opened...

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