Keeping Your Business Running In The Event Of A Criminal Attack: Prevention, Protection & Continuity Measures

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MSC Forensic AccountingElectronic CrimeCONTENTSPage(s)1.Introduction32.Cyber/Electronic Crime 42.1.What is Cyber/Electronic Crime?42.2.Categories/Methods of Attacks52.3.Drivers of E-Crime73.Preparing The Organisation83.1.Risk Management83.2.Protection Methods104.Keeping Your Business Running124.1.Business Continuity Management124.2.BCM Recovery Strategies135.Next Steps175.1.Testing Your Systems175.2.Investigation Tools186.Conclusion197.References and Bibliography201.IntroductionOver the past two decades, computer technology has seen enormous growth. Prior to this, business decisions were made that determined if the use of technology or PC's were required. Contrast this with today's high-tech world, where decisions are now influenced by the technology available.Home computers were seen as a luxury item less than a ten years ago (Vacca, 2005, p21), but are now a major part in many people's lives. The rise of computer technology has obviously enhanced our lives in many ways, such as enabling improved productivity and efficiency at work, school, and home. Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet now has unparalleled opportunities.The Internet is almost certainly one of the greatest business tools ever invented. Merchants, trading partners and online retail shoppers are presented with a greater selection of goods and along with the convenience of use and greater competition leading to lower prices, it has revolutionised how business is conducted today.However, despite the Internet's many advantages and opportunities, it also raises some new risks for businesses - including that of electronic crime. A survey carried out by Get Safe Online (Carter, 2006), revealed that fear of Internet crime is now more prevalent than concerns about more conventional crimes such as burglary, mugging and car theft. This is quite an astonishing fact, given that these more conventional crimes appear to be more widespread.In this paper I will review what organisations need to do to identify the risks to their business, and subsequently what they can do to protect themselves in preparation against such risks, looking at systems and tools available for this purpose.I will then review the business continuity processes that organisations can employ, which will look at types of approaches used to ensure minimal business disruption in the event of an incident occurring. Finally, I will consider the next steps an organisation can take to ensure they are prepared, whilst covering the investigative tools available.2.Cyber/Electronic Crime2.1.What is Cyber/Electronic Crime?Unfortunately, with the increase in computer skills and knowledge, it has led to an increase in people looking to take advantage of the vast array of information available to them and the opportunities this provides.Sharon Lemon, the head of e-crime for the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), is warning that cyber-crime is so widespread it features in nearly every criminal investigation, as...

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