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Maintenance Management Essay

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Maintenance management has evolved over a long period. The incorporation of maintenance management as a sub-system of an organisation is indicative of its pivotal role in supporting business objectives. Maintenance management is defined as the combination of all technical and associated administrative actions intended to retain an item, or restore it to a state in which it can perform its required function. (British Standards 3811:1993). This is a broad definition and encompasses major aspects that were missing in older versions as highlighted by John Moubray, 2000-Reading 1-1. The inclusion of ‘associated administrative actions’ and ‘retaining an item to its required function’ makes this definition more relevant to current maintenance management trends.

Fundamental elements of maintenance management

The fundamental elements of a good maintenance system are therefore, those that combine technical and administrative actions. As indicated by Moubray, Maintenance Management-A New Paradigm, 2000, repairing a machine or component goes beyond achieving operation to ensuring the component ‘operates to and within desired specifications’. Trade-persons need to be competent enough and test equipment to ensure component is operating to required manufacturer’s standards. Statutory and regulatory requirements to label trade persons as competent are also required and these include site and area induction. The other requirement included is environmental considerations. They also need to be passed-out to use specialised tooling. Organisations are devoting a lot of resources to buying specialist tooling to minimise down time and maintain high safety standards. Other tooling that may need to be organised include cranes, forklift with competent and passed-out operators

Spare parts need to be on site before any scheduled work commences. Spares department have update meetings with planning department to ensure parts availability in time for commencement of repairs at scheduled times. However, since the introduction of LEAN it is increasingly becoming difficult for spare department to stock excess spare parts.

The administrative element includes the maintenance manager (Leader), supervisors, planners/schedulers, shut down co-ordinators. Shut down co-ordinators are specifically for critical machinery and they give machine status analysis and monitoring.
The administrative part also deals with the mathematical models of maintenance which include data collection based on operational research, supervision and computers, training, planning and scheduling among other factors (Sherwin, D 2000 vol 6 pp138-164)

Maintenance responsibility

Maintenance responsibility in the organisation the author works for has taken the concept described in reading 1.1.7, 8-9.For most of the critical machinery there is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) (site dealership representative). Their involvement varies from...

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