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Executive summaryMajestic Steakhouse - a steak buffet, differentiating from typical restaurant, will provide a unique combination of excellent food at value pricing with a fun and entertaining atmosphere. This North American business concept will be the answer to an increasing demand in the West Yorkshire market. The public wants value for everything that it purchases is not willing to accept anything that does not meet its expectations, and wants entertainment with its dining experience.In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one restaurant concept from another. Majestic Steakhouse does this by being the first and only buffet ...view middle of the document...

A unique, mid-scale, innovative environment is required to provide the customers with an atmosphere that will induce people around Leeds and Bradford to bring family and friends to dine and socialize. Successful operation through year will provide adequate cash flow to be self-sufficient in year four.1.0. Business concept1.1.Overview*Entertaining surroundings. All stores will feature display cooking of our featured RARD-choice sirloin steaks cooked over a mesquite grill.*Quality food. We will serve nothing but fresh meats, crisp salads, delectable side dishes and scrumptious desserts, all served with old-fashioned, home-style care!*Variety, variety, variety -- A different menu for every day of the week. We will also change the menu items quarterly on these nights to spice things up.*Breakfast buffet -- Majestic will serve a buffet breakfast, offering fresh fruits in-season, cold juices, hot breakfast items, and cook-to-order food from our display grill.*1/3 lb MJ Beef burger lunch -- A special treat will greet our weekday lunch guests from 11:00 a.m. till 2:30 p.m. We will be serving 1/3 lb. MJ Beefburgers off our display grill. The MJ Beefburgers will be ground fresh daily and seasoned with our custom blend of spices designed to enhance their taste. To complement our sandwiches, we will convert one of our hot bars to a cold "sandwich fixing's" bar, with sliced tomatoes, onions, chopped lettuce, pickles, relish and everything necessary to complement our sandwiches.*Self-service. Every new guest will receive a guided tour explaining our concept and the self-serve system. For example, if a guest is expecting to get his own drinks but a manager is walking around pouring coffee refills, we will have exceeded their expectations*Friendly employees. Our employees will be ringing dinner bells when fresh-baked rolls come out of the oven or our signature steaks are ready. Our manager will make table visits a priority, and who knows? Our guests may even see our staff perform a line dance or two! We will dress casually in tailored jeans and ironed logo T-shirts that our customers may purchase for a nominal price.1.2. Competitive AdvantagesIf a company wants to win in competition, one of the most important points is innovation. So our restaurant is different from other restaurants. We want to provide a unique combination of excellent food at value pricing with a fun and entertaining atmosphere to the customer.We will strive to be the premier buffet restaurant in the West Yorkshire marketplace. We want our guests to have the total different experience when visiting Majestic Steakhouse. Not only will our guests receive a great meal, they will also be provided with a fun atmosphere. We will be doing unique things that will set us apart from the competition. We will want the dining experience to be as pleasing to the senses as it is to the palate.Our main focus will be serving quality food at a great value. We will feature a large selection of freshly prepared...

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