Major Accomplishments Of President Ronald Reagan

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Every four years there is an election to elect a new President of the United States. In some cases, if a President is well liked, they may be reelected to serve another term; but may only be in office for two consecutive terms (8 years). One of the few Presidents that held off a total of 8 years was President Ronald Reagan. He was the 40th President to be sworn into office, and at the time was the oldest to ever serve this country. When Reagan took office in 1980, he had many hopes and dreams to turn America into a great nation, and get America back on track. He fulfilled his goals and dreams for America and is highly regarded still to this day. He left office with great shoes to fill, and is looked back on as a great American leader. During his two terms as president, Reagan has had many major accomplishments/events while in office, such as signing of the Economic Recovery Tax Act, the Iran-Contra scandal, and aiding the United States in winning the cold war.
Ronald Reagan was born February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. His father was John Edward “Jack” Reagan, and his mother was Nelle Wilson Reagan. He was born into a happy, well-disciplined family, and had a very happy childhood. Before Reagan held office, Reagan was a radio announcer, and became the voice of Major League Baseball in 1932. Reagan also had a 7-year contract with Warner Brothers, and made about fifty movies. Reagan then put all the fun and games aside, and joined the Army Reserve and was called to active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor. “ He was in the Army from 1942-45 rising to the level of Captain. However, he never took part in combat and stated stateside. He narrated training films and was in the Army Air Force First Motion Picture Unit.” (Martin Kelly, n.d.). Prior to his Presidency, Reagan supported the Nixon campaign for President in 1960. It wasn’t until then, that he switched political parties and became a Republican in 1962. “In 1966, Reagan successfully ran for governor of California and served two consecutive terms.” (Jennifer Rosenberg, n.d.). Reagan was also a man who looked at the bigger picture, and pushed himself to be the very best. At the Republican National Convention in 1968, as well as 1974, he was considered a potential Presidential Candidate. In the 1980 election, he won the Republican nomination, and successfully won the Presidential election against Jimmy Carter. He also ran again in the 1984 election against Democrat Walter Mondale, and won. With these two terms, he successfully completed 8 years as President of the United States.
President Ronald Reagan was an amazing President, but he didn’t always come out smelling like roses. Even the best Presidents don’t always make wise decision for their country, for instance, the Iran- Contra scandal. The Iran-Contra scandal, all started in 1985 when Iran and Iraq were at war, and the United States supplied weapons to Iran, a sworn enemy. President Ronald Reagan’s administration did this in hoping that...

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