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The 21st century is the direct embodiment of the Information Age – smartphones, internet, and HD televisions are the rulers our lives while the inventions and gadgets of yesteryear are the peasants gazing at the throne. In this age, people are bombarded with huge amounts of information and sacrifice the traditional, slower means of becoming informed to faster, more electronic counterparts. Most people search online for sports news instead of checking the paper; people skip the pleasantries of small talk and instead send a text message; and others prefer video chat over meeting face to face. Individuals now rely heavily on the internet and other electronics to provide them with information quickly. The internet also makes decisions for other people – most turn to online sources when deciding what items to spend their money on and where to spend it. Marketers realize this and try to advertise their products to attract different consumers. However, must marketers are faced with the challenge of getting their message across to their consumer – and just having the ad noticed. The average individual sees and processes vast amounts of advertisements as they go about their everyday lives. In small towns, a person could see a dairy ad on the side of a truck or a Pepsi banner hanging in front of their favorite food store. Individuals that live in big cities cannot walk more than twenty feet without seeing an ad plastered on the wall or scrolling across a digital billboard. All of these different promotional images and advertisements either succeed or fail to gain the attention of a potential consumer. Their attention is not easily obtained and it is the job of the marketer to make an advertisement that will stand out. To accomplish this, marketers will use several different advertising strategies – comparative advertising, celebrity testimonials, retail advertising, and interactive advertising – to gain the attention of their potential consumers.
Comparative advertising is a commonplace method that is used with firms. Competing firms will make a list of features or ingredients that are better in comparison to a competitor’s brand or product. The most recent and prime examples are the Mac vs. PC commercials and recent smartphone commercials. Food related firms may use taste tests and nutrient facts to persuade consumers that their brand is better than the competitor’s brand. Despite negative views from some firms, comparative marketing is actually advantageous. Comparative ads can distinguish a new firm’s product from the dozens of generic products that line the market. It is imperative for any firm to develop a unique identity. Comparative advertising also benefits the buyer as much as the firm. The main point of these ads is to give information for the benefit of the buyers; it gives them a satisfactory expenditure of their funds (Rajput, 2008). And if a firm successfully convinces consumers to buy their product, they will take a large market share...

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