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Major Assignment 3

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While constructing my website my goal was to provide information to the public about affirmative action without swaying or giving biased to one side or another. Affirmative action is an emotional and delicate issue in our country and those who are for or against affirmative action usually have some sort of emotional attachment towards their decision, because of this constructing a website can then be very tricky. I carefully chose what sources I wanted to use for my website and meticulously reviewed them so I did not have an unbiased website based on extremely biased information.
I chose a very simple white template for my website and chose to go through the domain of Weebly. I chose a more simple template because I wanted everything to be easy to find and to navigate. There is nothing more frustrating than when you're trying to research a topic and you can't because the website is busy and messy. My goal in designing my website was this, I wanted to create a website that I wish I had available to me when I was preparing for my news presentation. I wanted to build a website that was a well blend of the sources I had used, but with little to no bias. Affirmative action can more often than not be seen as an issue of the past so it was important to me to include resources that reinforced how big of an issue it still is today so that readers aren't making up information about affirmative action or believing old wives tales. I chose to include minimal pictures because I feel like pictures often enough can be really unnecessary unless its informational like a poll or graph.
For the welcoming/home page of my website I chose to give a short summary about what affirmative action is and a link to a quick video that briefly and professionally reviews the history of affirmative action in the United States. I found the video very interesting actual and would have liked to watch it on that first day we were assigned affirmative action because up until this assignment I could not have told you what the words affirmative action even were.
The second page to my website was about the pros to affirmative action. I found lots of great websites that supported affirmative action. Often enough these websites seemed to repeat themselves instead of giving multiple points to be for affirmative action. So, I wanted be very clear in my presentation. I chose to list the common pros of affirmative action specifically with no extra/misleading wording.
Next, I chose to do a tab on cons. I felt that placing the pro and con pages next to each other would help the website have a natural flow. Although, I didn't think the order really mattered in making the decision about which tab to make first or second on the website. My thought process for the cons page was very similar to that of my pro page in the fact that I didn't want to keep going on about the same cons over and over again but present them clearly and easily for the viewer or researcher. Since I came across less...

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