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Major Canadian Health Concern – Unvaccinated Children And The Spread Of Preventable Diseases

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The debate over vaccinations causing autism is a very important health risk facing our country today. There is a misconception that these two things are related which this essay hopes to dispel. The current threat of unvaccinated children, due to parental concern over the risk of adverse effects from vaccination including autism or religious choice is a major Canadian health concern and results in misconceptions, outbreaks, and general false fear in parents.
In 2001 a research paper titled “Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children” published in The Lancet and written by AJ Wakefield et al. This paper claimed that there was a connection between measles, mumps and rubella vacations and the increased incidences in autism. This particular article went viral. News sources and some in the entertainment industry reported on it and claimed that it was true for their family members. This was the start of a great fall out of misinformation about the connection between measles, mumps and rubella vaccination and the link to autism.
Currently it is up to each province to write in what the policy is for vaccinations. Those that have a firm belief that vaccinations cause harm rather than save lives, will say their children are immune or they are keeping them out of the public school system. There is multiple reasons why a person may choose not to vaccinate and this essay is going to go into the two main reasons.
Religion freedom is one of the two reasons that people choose not to vaccinate their children. They believe that their faith over rules the good of all people based on their interpretations of the words they follow. There have been cases of measles killing unvaccinated children such as in the Fraser Valley in 2011. (Public Health Canada) The last outbreak was in Fraser Valley where at a religious school there is almost 100% unvaccinated children. This also spread outside of this school system into the public school where there was unprotected children.
The other main reason that people are not giving their children vaccinations is the fear that the vaccinations themselves cause autism. The basis was on a redacted research paper by AJ Wakefield that erroneously put the increase in the diagnosis of autism with the rise of vaccinations. This fear left many children unvaccinated. The impact of this false study has created a ripple effect creating an unprecedented number of susceptible to infection-unvaccinated children potentially to suffer with either measles, mumps or rubella. Vaccinating your children is one of the most cost effective form of health care. (Public Health Canada) The increase in unvaccinated children is due to a redacted article. Currently there are a great number of misconceptions out in the public view. This all-lead back to the Wakefield study that has since partially retracted in 2004 and then completely in 2010 or websites that continues to expound...

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