Major Character Analysis. Difference Between Movie And Book.

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Victor Frankenstein:In the movie, it is evident Victor was a kind man, he generally was likeable. He was a good child, and he treated everyone fairly. Until his mother dies. Depressed and utterly distraught by his mothers death he is determined to never have to live through that kind of pain again. He believes no one should have to go through the pain of losing someone they loved. He goes to college, makes a friend and also meets a fellow doctor, Professor Walden who is just as selfish as he. They speak together of bringing the dead to life. It is apparent that Professor Walden has already figured out the secret to reanimation, but he is afraid to have try it. The fact that the monster he creates would never be loved and destroy him, is what holds back Professor Walden. Victor mistakes this as just a weakness, and when Professor Walden suffers an unfortunate death, Victor takes his books, and engulfs himself in the process of reanimation. Although he becomes completely entranced by his work, and shut off from society, he is always brought back to reality either from his friend Henry Clerval or Elizabeth. When Victor creates the monster he realizes, too late, that it will ultimately destroy him. Trying to destroy the monster leads to his, once again, distancing from society and brings him and all that he has loved death, the exact thing he was trying to prevent. In the book Victor Frankenstein was a sexiest who didn't care for anyone but himself. The only woman he really ever had respect for was his mother. He was always obsessed with sciences and the human life, his mothers death only drives him farther into preserving life. He is completely obsessed throughout the book even though his friends and family try to bring him back to normalcy.My beliefs for the theme is that you are only human. No one can change nature without there being consequences. If it was meant to be changed, we would have that power and it could be done in a heartbeat.The MonsterThe monster is obviously a very scary looking creation. But would it be as scary if we hadn't seen it in a movie? I honestly wasn't afraid or frightened by it because I couldn't see what it looked like. Since I know what it looks like, I can see why people were so afraid of it. The movie makes it evident that he is not a very lovely creature. I don't know if I could have loved it. Which makes the monsters motivations so much more understandable. The movie makes us feel more deeply. I know when the monster was speaking to Frankenstein and telling him that he has been denied love, it made me feel extremely sympathetic towards him, and hateful towards Frankenstein. In the movie and the book, I believe the motivations are the same. The monster wants revenge on Frankenstein for denying him of love from anyone because of how he looks. No one will talk to him because they fear him. He had been denied love so many times before that it just got...

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