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Major Cities Major Crimes Essay

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Many call crime a social phenomenon, but recently crime in major cities has caused major problems. From coast to coast, crime is overtaking our cities and leaving a trail of destruction. Students are being killed walking to school, robberies are becoming a natural every day occurrence, and murder and homicides are the talk of the nightly news. New York City, Detroit, and Chicago are all experiencing a spike in violent crimes, which is hindering businesses, citizens, and tourists that visit these cities. With the economy slowly regaining its stability, now is the perfect time to tackle the problem of crimes in our cities. President Obama told reporters that lowering the crime rate in cities will help the economy grow. As technology advances, there needs to be a better way to patrol our streets. Implementing modern technology in every city is the safest and easiest way to put a halt to these crimes.
Detroit, Michigan is one of the cities that is experiencing an increase in crime. Detroit is in an economic recession, which is the number one reason why Detroit is considered one of the most dangerous cities in America. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are the major employers and with recent layoffs many citizens are out of work leading to the increase in crime. In 2011, there were 280 murders and last year there was an increase of 65 murders bringing the murder total to 345 people. Detroit is also experiencing a major increase in their homicide rate, 375 documented homicides happened in the past year. This has been an increase of 10% from the previous year. The Detroit Police Department is undermanned and overworked. Implementing technology in Detroit will benefit the community and the local police department to help lower the crime rate.
Another city that is experiencing a crime crisis is Camden, New Jersey. This suburban city is being decimated by crime. Businesses are failing due to the danger lurking around the corner. In 2012, Camden experienced an increase in every violent crime category. Murders, rape, robberies, and assaults all increased by 10% in the past year. Camden can’t afford to hire additional police officers due to the failing budget and are on the verge of loosing their entire local police department. Camden needs to find a way to patrol the streets smartly and economically friendly. Implementing modern technology can save money and lower crime rates.
Lastly, New York City is the biggest city in America and is always battling to keep crime at a minimum. With 8.3 million people living in New York City, there is no doubt the police need any advantage they can get. Last year, New York City encountered a record high of 9,456 auto thefts per 100,000 people. With auto theft solve rates hovering around 65% criminals will take their chances to score big, in the city that never sleeps. The NYPD needs additional help to help solve their cases and with modern technology being implemented in their city they could achieve this goal.

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