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Major Current Issues In It Security

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Computer technology is the most frequented topic in today’s news headlines. From e-tablets and smartphones, to internet-connected home appliances and robots, this technology has taken over our daily lives to an extent that we cannot live without them anymore.
Same with all technology advancements comes other issues, which are mainly related to the security aspect of these devices and how much they do when it comes to protecting our privacy. Particularly, the Internet-connected computer devices.
Internet in its design, was created for enabling the establishment of links between different computer machines for the purpose of exchanging information simply without complications, but it was ...view middle of the document...

You always hear the phrase: “Take care and do not transfer private data when using open public Wifi networks”, but ever wondered why that is true and what happens if you actually transfer private data? . Since the invention of network routers, the private networks (not accessible by other people from the internet or those not connected to them) created by these routers are considered local area networks, so all the computer devices which are in the same network can interact with each other and is considered local, thus safe, since everyone has to have its Wifi password to access it, or have to be connected directly to the router using a cable. With that in mind, local area networks aka LANs, has zero security because they were made so no one can access them except those permitted by the network administrator who distributes the Wifi password. With no security in LANs, all computers can access and edit a file in the router known as ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) table. This file provides tables that resolute IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses provided by the network to all computers to MAC (Media Access Control) Addresses, which a computer needs if it wants to communicate with another computer in the same network. If a device wants to communicate with another in the same LAN, or the router wants to send data to a computer in its network, it asks the ARP table, by giving it that device IP address and asking for its MAC address to send the data to. A hacker therefore can edit the ARP and set the IP address of the victim device he wants to sniff to...

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