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Major Essay Three Segregation In Education Lincoln Land Community College English 101 Research Paper

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In Middle school, I remember learning about a little girl named Ruby Nell Bridges who made a huge impact on society. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was instated which ended segregation in America. The ending of segregation made it illegal to discriminate against another person solely based on race. As a precursor to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, six-year-old Ruby Bridges became a Civil Rights Activist. Ruby attended an all-black elementary school due to segregation. One day while in school Ruby was asked to take a test, this test would determine if she would be one of the very few to attend an all-white school. Ruby passed with flying colors and became the first black student to desegregate William Frantz Elementary an all-white school the very next year. People were very hesitant and afraid of Ruby, so much so she had to be escorted into the school by security guards. Even with this escort she still faced such blatant racism. One person even showed up with a black baby doll in a coffin as shown in the 1998 Walt Disney television movie Ruby Bridges. Therefore, not only did young Ruby experience the normal anxieties of attending a new school where she was the only little black girl, but also, she endured blatant racism and hatred from an angry mob daily. Imagine how many times Ruby would’ve wanted to go back to her old school? Although Ruby never gave up and continued to go to school each day with her head held high.
In December of 1985, Marietta Bloxom and Charles Williams, a black family in west Philadelphia finally thought they had made it. They were getting ready to move up to the wealthier middle-class white neighborhood of Elmwood. Elmwood was a place where blacks were called “colored” and were not welcomed. Instead of being greeted by their neighbors, Bloxom and Williams were protested by 400 white people. After they moved into this neighborhood, their neighbors continued to protest them living there. Even at one point, their neighbors lit their house on fire. Unfortunately, even after legal segregation there is social segregation. The cases of Ruby Bridges, Marietta Bloxom and Charles Williams are two separate occasions of racism, yet racial segregation is still a present reality and still a hateful crime. Fifty-three years later there are still other forms of segregation that happen today. Although formal segregation no longer exists it is a haunting reminder of the traumatic past of America. Current racial segregation in education has unethically replaced historic legal segregation.
To begin, too many disadvantaged black children attend a school that would fit the definition of a segregated school. These schools are segregated not necessarily intentionally by race but because of geographical location. Aaron N. Taylor wrote in the St Louis University Law Review, “A recent study concluded that housing and schooling are inextricably linked. So, segregated housing patterns lead to segregated schools.” Black students in these neighborhoods are...

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