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Major Events In Jewish History To The First Century Ad

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Major events in Jewish history to the first century AD1250 BC Fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.931 BC Divided Kingdoms.721 BC Fall of Samaria.587 BC Fall of Jerusalem, Babylonian captivity.333 BC Jews under Hellenistic rule.63 BC Jews under Roman rule.70 AD Fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.Major events between 50 BC - 100 AD63 BC - 40 BC Hyrcanus2 rules, but is subject to Rome.41 BC - 30 BC Antony Caesar Roman Emperor.40 BC - 37 BC Parathions conquer Jerusalem.38 BC - 4 BC Herod rules as king. Subject to Rome.37 BC Jerusalem besieged for 6 months.32 BC Herod Defeated.31 BC - 14 AD Caesar Augustus Roman Emperor.19 BC Herod's Temple begun.16 BC Herod visits Agrppa.4 BC Herod dies; Archelaus succeeds.37 AD - 41 AD Caliguta Roman Emperor.41 AD - 54 AD Claudius Roman Emperor.54 AD - 68 AD Nero Roman Emperor. The first persecutor of Christians.66 AD Jews in Palestine tried to revolt. Were crushed by Titus.69 AD - 79 AD Vespasia Roman Emperor. He continued the persecution.70 AD Jewish temple destroyed. Small part of the wall left standing.79 AD Titus Roman Emperor.Detailed analysis of major Jewish groups of the timePhariseesThe Pharisees were a group of Jews, that believed strongly against the adoption of Greek ways. They wanted to uphold and protect their fragile Jewish culture, from the Greek influence that was flooding into Israel at the time. They developed as haters of the tradition Greek ways, because of their customs were related to idolatry and immorality. They joined up with a group know as the Hasmoneans and proceeded to conduct a rebellion against the Greek. After gaining religious freedom, they then separated from their new partners, and formed the breakaway party, known today as the Pharisees (meaning 'the separated').They had extreme power in the synagogue, and eventually turned it into the center of the Jewish faith. This didn't last forever, as it was finally replaced by the temple, erected by David.SaduceesThe Sadducees (Sons of Zadok) seemed to be a group of aristocratic priestly families, that were powerful within the High Priesthood. They held a monopoly over all the High Priesthood positions and were also powerful in the Sanhedrin. They came across as being a very selfish group that retained their rights and traditions, and also trying to stay on the good side of the Roman Empire. Unlike the Pharisees, they were rigid and closed in sect, and not open to change. When the Romans destroyed the temple, they disappeared and were never heard from again.ZealotsThe Zealots were a group of radical extremists, that were the cause of many uprisings throughout their history, and eventually they lead a revolt against the Romans in 66-73 AD. To stop this, the Roman Emperor destroyed the third temple, which lead to the end of the uprising. This not only lead to their downfall, but that of the Jews when they were crushed by Emperor Titus in 73 AD.Qumrans/EssenesThey were an important Jewish group in the community around the time of Jesus. Although it...

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