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Major Forces Of Change: Essay

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Force of change is a positive factor that an organization must put in place in order to drive and develop the entire organization’s environment. In this process of change more of resistance factors will try to hinder the change. The organization in this case experiences a repulsive force which absolutely adheres to reserve the existing ways of handling of issues. In the process the firm faces the competitive challenges from other organization and in meanwhile diseconomies of scale. Organizational change process is the progression of a given institution, far from its present state and towards some desired prospects to propagate its performance effectiveness. The organization’s work strategy persistently changes for better. Afterwards, the members’ organization must acclimatize to organization’s forces of change in a bid to conserve its relevancy and effectiveness. Lewin’s force field theory of change serves as a convenient model in understanding the change process. The role of the organization leader is both intense and diverse. For the organization to propel in its management processes, the organization leader must adhere to his increasing responsibilities of change. The leader must be the primary catalyst to speed up the mechanism used to assure the members of positivity effect of change and the expected period of its existence.

In fact, most organizations say corporate bodies do have a preference to the fast dynamism in their status change. The main reason for this that, the result of change is much predictable and routine activities are convectional. The higher the level of efficiency would be obtained. The status quo is preferred in many situations accordingly though.
Organizations are dynamic oriented to changes, and not being stagnant. Organizations continuously change in response to a variety of forces coming from both inside and outside. These are typically the internal and external forces of change. The organization’s managers must foresee and enforce change processes. In response the organizations will balance the rate of service delivery besides performance being accomplished efficiently. The external forces for change originate from the organization’s work environment. They include the market place forces, government laws and regulations, technology system deployment, labor markets and economic changes.

The marketplace can be simply be defined as a place where the seller and the buyer are willing to enter into legal contract for consideration in the exchange of a good or service. The market place has force impact onto the organizations change process. Market introduces stiff competition both within the organizations locality and outside the organization’s functionality. The marketplace enhances the organization to acknowledge which products do have high demand in the market for consumption. In this case, the firm must be obliged to change in order to improve the products quality and improve the mechanism of service delivery in...

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