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Major Forms Of Therapy Essay

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Therapy has long been thought of as taboo. In this paper, I will discuss the major forms of therapy and their characteristics along with the strategies that are also used. This essay will also cover examples of each disorder and show which therapeutic method is best used in caring for individual(s).
Psychological Disorders have been around for centuries, back then they did not know

how to treat various disorders. Throughout much of human history, people linked abnormal

behavior to witchcraft. (Howells & Osborn, 1984; Berrios, 1996). Back in the 1900, when

Doctors didn’t know how to treat individuals with psychological disorders, these individuals

were placed in hospitals called asylums to treat such behavior. However through time, treating

individuals with psychological disorder has evolved into many type of therapies. Today therapy

is used to aid in treatment of the many types of disorders that are known to man.

There are different types of approaches to psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is the treatment

of psychological disorders by a therapist, a professional who is trained to treat emotional and

mental problems. Psychodynamic is a form of therapy. This type of treatment is used to

psychoanalysis the individual to deal with past conflicts that causes such impulsive

behavior. When this method is used the therapist can use free association and/or dream

interpretation to uncover the hidden thoughts and feelings. Individuals that would benefit from

this type of therapy would be someone with anxiety. Strategies to achieve a successful

treatment is therapy and sometimes anti-anxiety drugs.

Another approach to therapy is behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy is used to change

and/or treat unwanted behavior problems through the form learning. With this type of therapy

the therapist uses classical conditioning treatments to help in aiding success. Two types of

classical conditioning treatments that are used, are aversive conditioning , this method uses

a negative stimulus in combination with a negative behavior to combat an unwanted desire. and

systematic desensitization, this method uses an object in combination with relaxation to make

an individual less sensitive or fearful to a stimulus that is causes the problem. Some therapist

also use operant conditioning method which uses a gradually or straight forward approach to

anxiety by using a reward as a token and there is also the dialectical behavior therapy were

the therapist try to convince the individual to think one way and they feel another way.

Individuals that would benefit from this type of therapy would be someone with ADHA.

Strategies to achieve a successful treatment would be medication, behavioral modifications and


Cognitive therapy method utilizes the thought of re-teaching a person the way they thinks

and feel about things. Rational-emotive behavior...

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