"Major Issues And Solutions To Applied Climate Education In Australia" By David A. George, Colin Birch, Jeff F. Clewett, Anthony Wright, And Wendy Allen

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As the shifting climate in Australia brings instability to its agriculture, producers and other agents are looking for an effective means of informing its farmers on the long term and short term factors due to the affects of climate change. This Applied Climate Education will provide solutions to their questions regarding the major areas of agriculture and the shakiness of established industries. The groups that represent the concerned population include but are not limited to producers, extension staff, and the facilitators that train both groups. Some of the stakeholders have similar issues Applied Climate Education; such as lack of confidence in training, developing scope groups, and Global climate change.Producer’s largest problem is that the information that they apply to their practice is either not accessible or too broad for their specific need. Because the information is not easily accessible producers may experience economic loss (yield/price). These seasonal forecasts are invaluable to the small time farmer who has to work the land to a science to expect a decent yield year after year. Because of the limitations time imposes on extension agents, it is not practical for an agent to visit a farm everyday to assess the situations on a daily basis, so the author has compiled the possible solutions that can be applied to the given problem. Some of the solutions are obvious and already employed, but others are more relevant to one situation than another and require some modification to apply them to all fields. An example is that some older producers with a low level of formal education would not receive as much from a lecture due to the unfamiliarity of the classroom structured learning environment and the vocabulary possibly being too… ”intellectually developed”. Although formal education is a way of reaching more students during a given...

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