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Major John Andre Essay

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Major John Andre, a British spymaster, convicted as a spy on American soil and sentenced to die, what do you think happened? Andre had a fabulous childhood and wonderful teen years; until his father died when he was nineteen. Supposedly driven by a broken heart, for a few reasons, he joined the British Army. With all his wit and irresistible characteristics he soon found his rank getting higher and higher. Being caught as a spy he was sentenced to the gallows after only six years in the army. At first, I thought he was just a normal spy that had gotten caught and hung like many others through out the course of history, but after gaining the knowledge about Andre, you start to realize he was a slightly different case and maybe even his sentencing was unfair...if you want to know where I get such idea's, please read on.John Andre was born in 1750 in London, England. His mother was Swiss and his father was French. He received his education in Geneva, He schooled there until he was 18. As a child his main hobbies and interests were the arts.He was especially fond of drama, being he participated in amateur theater. The two other things he probably enjoyed most were writing poetry and sketching. He wrote poetry quite often and today a fair amount of people refer to him as Major John Andre, the poet; some of his works have been published in different things one example his poem "My Hiding Place" has been printed on numerous bookmarks. Sketching, his other hobby he did in his free time, he mostly enjoyed sketching young ladies and even doing self-portraits. He normally used these different forms of the arts to show and vent his feelings, if materials necessary for these activities we not available to him another place he found he could go to relax him was music, he was definitely an ardent music lover.When he was around 24 he joined the British army. The main reasons being that a broken heart drove him to it. Honoria Sneyd was his fiancé, but however her parents interfered in their engagement and made Honoria separate from him. Their reasons being that they wouldn't allow their high-stationed belle marry a person in the lower class. Thus being he felt as if his heart had been stabbed by a dagger and the person stabbing him just twisted the knife deeper and deeper. Honoria did marry and never did verify if she still and always would love Andre.Another reason being when he was nineteen his father passed on and Andre, being the loving man he was stayed back and attended and took care of his mother and sisters. His father was a shop owner and even though Andre's dad always dreamed of him taking over the shop, he hated that idea. So when his father died he sold the shop and decided he still did need to make money so after just about an overnight decision he enlisted in the army. He started officially in the march of 1771.In 1774 Andre was sent to Canada and served for about a year or so, but after that he got captured and taken prisoner. All of this...

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