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Baseball is spread across the United States and has become a part of some cities culture. Cultures stretch from the newer teams of the west and the old school teams of the east. There are teams that have been around since baseball started and new teams that were made within the last 20 years. Major League Baseball’s culture differs across the United States depending on where you’re located. There are trends between cultures based on location and how long the team has been around.
These cultures are different in many, but all have a common similarity. All baseball cultures revolve around a Major League Baseball team. These teams can move, like the Dodgers from Brooklyn to L.A. and teams changing ownership, like when the Montreal Expos’s changed to the Washington Nationals. Cultures change as well, but I will be researching the in place steady cultures that have been around for a while and haven’t changed too much such as teams that have been around for more than 100 years and some newer founded teams.
Unlike a majority of the other professional sports, baseball has farm teams, which increase the amount of teams in the professional league. This brings in aspects of the “home grown” players/prospects. These players I speak of are younger players that play in lower level professional leagues such as single/double/triple A; a big amount of people who watch baseball don’t know much about these teams, unless they are in your home town. The MLB is unlike the majority of other professional sports in that there is no salary cap, which makes it to where any team can spend as much as they want on their player’s salary.
A team known for their high salary is the New York Yankees. They are the most hated team in the MLB. “All their whining about the Yankees' salary-driven Evil Empire,” a quote from the magazine GQ talking about the worst fans in sports, this was talking about the Red Sox whining. It is well known that the Yankee’s do overpay players and have a crazy salary, but is this all their fault. Colin Cowherd on his ESPN radio show said this, “The Yankee’s have become star obsessed, but it’s not the Yankee’s its New York.” This is a part of their culture, they want to win and they want to win now. To do that you have to go spend lots of money on free agents, like they are doing now.
The way a team builds itself changes the type of culture that surrounds a team. A team at the other end of the spectrum is the St. Louis Cardinals. They have built their team through their farm system like I mention earlier, also known as the minor leagues. Many of their players are “home grown” talent as they call it and the fans are very close to their players, unlike the money driven stars, the fans feel like the young players are growing up and their involved with it. An example of this is on the teams Facebook page the team posted a thank you to two of their home grown stars that they traded away, and the top comment reads this, “Freese will always be a cardinal in...

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