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Honduras found its origin as part of Spain’s empire but was freed in 1821. It was annexed for two years to Mexico and finally declared independence. It is the second largest country in Central America and has the world’s highest homicide rate at 90.4 murders per 100,000 people which is almost twice as much as its runner up, Venezuela. Three of the five dailies in Honduras, El Haraldo, La Tribuna, and El Periodico, find their headquarters located in Tegucigalpa. The English-language newspaper, Honduras This Week, is also located there. San Pedro Sula is the city of the other two dailies, El Tiempo and La Prensa. La Gaceta is where the government publishes its decrees weekly.
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The paper definitely has a more conservative view than La Prensa, and has been more favorable in the coverage of Honduras's military as opposed to the other dailies. The position of the National Party is often reflected by El Haraldo. These major papers bring about 159,000 readers, however Honduras too has publications that are smaller.
One of the more influential of those smaller publications is the monthly Boletin Inforativo, which is published by the Honduran Documentation Center (Centro de Documentacion de Honduras, or CEDOH), and is ran by the respected political analyst Victor Meza. Puntos de Vista is another magazine centering on political and social analysis, and is published by CEDOH and the Sociology Department at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, or UNAH). There is also another publication called Honduras This Week that covers events and national news in Central America.
All of Honduras’ major newspapers are members of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA), which. in 1942, was set up to promote and defend the right of people of the Americas to be wholly and freely informed through and independent press. The IAPA declared its support for and fidelity to the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression during a ceremony in Washington, D.C. in March 2001. Cesar Gaviria who is the secretary of the Organization of American States, and IAPA President Danilo Arbilla, were present in support.
The announcement was drafted by the Organization of American States’ (OAS) Inter American Commision on Human Rights. Garviria said it was a “significant contribution to the establishment of a legal framework to protect the right to freedom of expression.” He also stated it would “surely be the subject of interest and study by OAS member countries.” There was 13 principles of freedom included in the document that were based on the Chapultepec, sponsored by the IAPA and drafted in 1994. The declaration was signed by Honduras in July 1994, under former President Carlos Roberto Reina.
In October 2000, The Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression was adopted at the 108th regular session of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. During a general assembly in Quebec, Canada, in April 2001, it was submitted for the approval of OAS member countries. 80 percent of newspapers in Honduras are owned by private interests. Likewise, all Honduran television stations are privately owned. The radio station Radio Honduras is owned by the government and there is no national news agency. Even though the 1982 Honduras Consitution guarantess the freedom of the press, the news media is concentrated in the hands of a small number of powerful businessmen and because of this, the press laws are not always respected.
On August 26, 1958, the Law of Free Expression of Thought came into effect, when it was published in La Gaceta, the official bulletin, according to the Inter American press...

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