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Make A Wish Essay

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Make A Wish Foundation helps children all over the United States and its other regions. They find a child with a condition that is very serious and terrifying to them and grant them a wish. This changes that child’s whole life because it shows that these people and that other people around the world care for them like their family does. It gives them the hope and faith they need to keep going and never give up in life. These children are diagnosed at a very young age and the life-threatening conditions that these children have are very serious. The Make A Wish Foundation takes their minds off of what they are undergoing and all of the pain. They give back in the world because they have been blessed with a wonderful life. They help out people who need their help and the joy and happiness from the children is all worth a little time and effort.
Make A Wish started making differences in children’s lives when they first heard one boy’s wish. His name was Christopher James Greicius. His hope was to become a police officer. He was diagnosed with leukemia in 1980. He was being cared for when an assembly of people from Arizona Department of Public Safety heard his wish. They wanted to grant him his wish to take his mind off of the cancer. These people granted this little boy his wish right before he had passed away. This triggered the start of something wonderful. From Christopher’s wish to now, more than 250,000 wishes have been provided to children all over the world (
I chose to research Make A Wish Foundation because it deals with children who are fighting diseases and other viruses that are very severe and life threatening. These children are getting sick at extremely young ages and most of them will not be able to grow up and accomplish their goals in life. Reading about all of these children and their diseases breaks my heart knowing that they will not grow up to live...

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