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dMake up in Middle School.

Scarlet lips, a face whiter than paper, and roughly curved eyebrows. A sight you are familiar with if you are a middle school student in Korea. Just a decade ago, the length of a student's hair was strictly controlled. Teachers enforced short hair which was required to be above the ear even for female students. Their motive was to enforce the proper mindset of a student which was in studying more than the physical appearance and the expression of individuality. However, students started to protest and as a result, both the school and parents are facing an uncontrollable obstacle --make up among middle school students. This trend of putting on make-up is fairly newborn and a solution in need is yet to be discovered as students are willing to put on make-up even at the cost of penalization. However, the schools should weigh towards prohibiting the use of make-up among middle school students.

Make up are favored by all females around the world, as a way of extending their beauty and expressing femininity. Thus, make-up is approved to be used by fully grown adult females because as a part of the society(also consisted of men) have the right and necessity to fabricate themselves through make up. However, it is extremely hard to argue that the female students, young and ingrown also have the same needs and obligation as their fully grown adult counterpart, to use cosmetics. But what are the factors which are responsible for causing the students to desire cosmetics? One obvious factor is media. In a country, where K-Pop has originated, students since at young age is bombarded with images of bright lights, countless people screaming, flashy clothes(often revealing) and in the middle of all that chaos, the beautiful people with make-up on. From this, Korean students are given the perception that make-up is essential in order to be like them, the stars, to be beautiful and respected. And these 'idols' are also in favor of emphasizing red lips, a pale face and curly eyebrows, which is exactly imitated by the female students. The second factor responsible for this pandemic situation is puberty. Children who are undergoing puberty crave to possess as many adult-like traits as possible, from speech to posture. And during this process, students discovered make-up and realized that make-up is very effective in concealing their young, fresh skin and transform it into a face similar to that of adults.

This trend is definitely not just a simple phase but is properly constructed with strong motifs. However, it is inappropriate, and an unsuitable course of action for female students which needs to be regulated and brought an end to. First of all, make-up on students generate an ill learning environment. A student doesn't need to ace in all subjects to be qualified as a 'student', but all it takes is the right mindset and attitude towards education. However, the appliance of make-up shows that the student has other things prior to...

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