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Makes Me Think Maybe God's A Woman Too

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Last night, the 90's movie "A Thing called Love" was featured in HBO. The story was about a New York based girl who dreamed to be a composer and purposely went to the east coast just to audition to play her own songs in Bluebird café, never knowing she would experience love and true friendship. It was probably the third time I would be watching it but still I have full interest on the scenes, the characters, and generally the whole story. Suddenly, one line caught my attention, the girl wrote at one end of her final song, "Makes me think maybe God's a woman too". Then it made me remember one event during the three weeks I had off school; and my life was never been the same.It has been a year and a half since I saw my grandmother, who I call more as "Nanay". I admit; she's kind of odd when it comes to dealing with her grandchildren but she's the only folk left and I kind of missed her. The whole Bumanlag clan did really change when we came from U.S.A. It was then that we rarely visit her and the old house in Nueva Ecija where my dad grew up. Not until the twentieth day of December when early in the morning a call from my aunt made the whole family immediately pack up and go straight to Dad's hometown, it was a surprise party for my grandmother. Actually, my grandmother's birthday is really Christmas day, December 25, it just so happen that every child of hers would be having his own family celebration and wouldn't have time to go to the province at the exact date. At my knowledge of this, I remembered the grotto at the back of the old house where I usually sing Nanay her favorite songs like "Sana Maulit Muli" and "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig". For a long time, I had longed to pray there, sing her songs, and just kiss her hand after. At that instant, missing her struck me more. Going to Nueva Ecija usually takes a 3-hour travel, but surprisingly, traffic has invaded even the small towns of Bulacan. It was 10 o'clock in the evening when we got there and as expected, we...

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