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Makeup And Fashion Of The 1920's

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The aftermath of World War I led America to the glamorous era of Flapper girls, jazz, and freedom, also known as the 1920's. This decade of giddy optimism brought on by the end of the war and the booming of the Stock Market ushered a direction away from the prim and modest women of the past. However, it wasn't just the roles and morals that became more relaxed, but it was also ladies' fashion and makeup that evolved. Fashion trends influenced theater, films, literature, and art and cosmetics gave beauty inspiration for today's makeup industry. Women were more confident and imbued with youthful vitality which they expressed with the fabulous style of the 1920's. The eye-catching fashion of ...view middle of the document...

The cosmetics of the 1920's not only changed how women saw themselves, but gave much inspiration to today's cosmetic industry.
The soft image of the Gibson Girl would soon be forgotten once the 1920's "lip-look" would come into play. After Maurice Levy's 1915 invention of the metal lipstick container, lipstick was in-demand and was available in liquid and stick forms. Long-lasting stains, flavored lipstick and "natural" lipgloss were also invented which used Bromo acid to create a red effect as it reacted with the wearer's skin. During this time, the beauty industry had a preoccupation with shaping the mouth and other products were developed to show this. Giving a woman's lip a heart-shape was adapted to give a strong appearance and was key in a makeup look. In 1923, the first swivel-up tube was patented and allowed manufacturers to sell stylish packages for consumer goods. A product called "Cupid's Bow" was created that advertised itself as a "self-shaping lipstick that forms a perfect cupid's bow as you apply it." The lips were colored in the shades of maroon, dark red, a rich purple, and dark burgundy. Around 1925, the shades of plum, orange, deep red, and deep brown were in style. At the end of this decade, the colors rose, raspberry and medium red was one of the most iconic make-up looks. The "flapper-age lip", as it was known as, contributed to the resemblance of a fashionable Flapper Girl.
The lips weren't the only facial feature women focused on. Eyes are the main focal point of the face and women drew attention to their eyes by making them into a rounded shape rather than a winged shape. Eye shadow was a must to give a bold, smoky look and was worn in dark shades of green, blue, purple, brown or black. The whole eye was traced with eyeliner to give an intensified look. Ladies of this time also wished to fulfill their desire for fuller, darker lashes by using common household products. Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, was mixed with coal. The result was a dark gel that was then applied to the eyelashes with a slender brush. Mascara was soon available in several forms; such as tube, wax, liquid and cake. Mascara that came in the form of a tube had to be warmed up before applying. There were even waterproof formulations available. The numerous forms of mascara served to enhance the lashes. Having the eyebrows thin, low, angled down and extended gave a look of sorrow which helped complete the iconic 1920's image....

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