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Making A Book Come Alive Essay

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Director David Fincher recreates the living, breathing world that is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo almost perfectly in his film. The entire atmosphere of the film is exactly what I was thinking the world would look like while reading the novel; a gloomy place, either raining or snowing. As soon as the opening scene came to an end, I realized the book I had just finished reading, was now coming to life.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a long, sometimes confusing, and thrilling novel. I was very surprised that David Fincher was able to squeeze in every detail from Stieg Larsson’s six hundred page novel into a two and a half hour long movie. I felt like the film did not leave out any key moments from the book, unlike other films I have seen that we’re based off books. While some aspects of the book were changed in the movie, I understand Fincher’s motif behind it; to make the story flow more easily on screen and to have the plot flow together more easily.
For instance, in the novel, Lisbeth Salander’s relationship with her parents is much more developed. “Salander spent Christmas Eve at the Appelviken Nursing Home in Upplands-Vasby. She had brought presents: a bottle of eau de toilette by Dior and an English fruitcake from Ahlens department store.” (Larrson 73). She talks to her mother regularly and shows compassion, unlike in the movie where she is depicted as an outcast, and unsociable. I thought while it would be nice to see Lisbeth’s personal life in more detail, I appreciated that Fincher decided to keep her as a dark and mysterious character. It made her seem more ruthless for what she would do later in the novel, such as taking a gruesome revenge on her rapist. The decision to make Lisbeth more detached from society greatly helped set the atmosphere for her life and the story overall.
I thought that Martin Vanger, the main antagonist, seemed much more cynical in the film. He seemed more mysterious in the movie and his death was much more satisfying as well. In the book, Lisbeth pursuits Martin in a car chase. When he realizes he cannot outrun her, he veers into oncoming traffic, crashing into a truck, killing him. “He increased his speed again and drove...

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