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How many young adults do not want to make a difference? It is quite fascinating to be able to create artificial organs, prostheses, and possibly pioneer groundbreaking technology; these abilities ameliorate many struggles of humanity. Engineers are problem solvers; people who make things work better, more efficiently, quicker, and less expensively. Growing up, everyone wants to make a difference in the world, leave his or her mark on society. A career in sciences has always appealed to me; hence, my career path of becoming an engineer has always been absolute in my mind.
An effective way to make a difference is rather than looking for a job, select a suitable career. One might ask what the difference is; remember having to do chores when you were younger for allowances? A job is like doing chores, the sole motivation is the compensation, and going the extra mile is not necessary. Jobs mean survival, there are minimal networking opportunities, and the willingness to excel is usually dormant. On the other hand, a career is like setting a weight loss goal, you determine your ideal weight, and you work towards it, using hard work and motivation. A career is also a lot like college registration; you have to complete different levels of study, each level completed allows you to enroll in a higher level of the course each time amassing more knowledge of the course. A career incorporates a series of employment opportunities leading upwards in compensation, benefits, and tasks. A career allows for innovation, vast networking, and experience that boost your future. A great example can be a teacher; we require him or her to be passionate about teaching to ensure students’ acquire an excellent grasp on the subject, instead of merely presenting the information and lacking the desire to make a positive influence. Recently, I have aspired to becoming more certain that the choice was indeed the right one, as no one wants to treat his or her career with disdain.
“What should I choose as my career?” a question often asked. When I asked myself that question, I had a clear vision of the becoming an engineer. However, I wanted to be certain that my reasons were truly justified. There are several ways to gain direction of your career path; the first one is taking a career quiz or analysis. The career quiz analyzes your interests, abilities, and values. In my quest to become certain, I attempted a career quiz called Discover. I paid close attention to the questions and really thought about it before answering them rather than selecting whatever would lead to the higher paying jobs or the jobs that came with a high status level. I was reassured when the overall results showed engineering, natural sciences, and medical technologies as the top three career areas (Discover). Taking the three different inventories helped me to become more certain about the path that I have chosen. This would lead me to a career that I will truly love because I will be utilizing my...

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Making a difference Essay

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