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Making A Hero Essay

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Many people think Batman and Superman are heroes because of their bravery and daring personalities but they are not true and honorable heroes. True and honorable heroes have to sacrifice for others, have good intentions to their actions, and make a difference in other’s lives. Others may argue that there is more to a hero than those traits or that you only need one of the traits but you can’t be a hero without all three traits even if you have other good traits to make up for it.
A hero is selfish if they do not sacrifice for their task. Even if they have done something good for another person, they can’t be a hero because they didn’t jeopardize themselves for the good of others. To be ...view middle of the document...

One could argue that as long as the savior has done something good, they can be a hero because they are still helping to some degree but even if you help or save someone, you’re not automatically a hero. You only have good intentions if your aim or plan of actions is to help someone else. Many people confuse a savior and a hero because it seems that as long as someone is being saved, the person that did the saving (savior) is an honorable person that should be held highly (hero) but they may not have given a sacrifice for the victim/target or did not aim only to help those in need. Susan B. Anthony always had good intentions in her work though she wasn’t always thanked properly for her hard work, “By 1856 Anthony became an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society, arranging meetings, making speeches, putting up posters, and distributing leaflets. She encountered hostile mobs, armed threats, and things thrown at her. She was hung in effigy, and in Syracuse her image was dragged through the streets.” (p1, ¶8) as stated by the National Park Service, 2013. Anthony was trying to help the slaves and women in our country and give them their own rights but instead of hearing her out and doing as she and many others asked, she was punished and threatened by most of her town. Saviors may save people, but heroes do it for the right reasons. Good intentions is a trait that helps make you a hero, but it doesn’t work alone.
Genuine heroes cannot just think with good intentions, they also have to take those ideas and make a difference. To make a difference a hero has to cause a change for the better with their actions. Some have argued that even with good intentions, the change that is made by someone’s actions could be for the worse instead...

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