Making A Life To Save A Life

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How far is too far? Some parents will go to the extremes in order to save their sick child. If I had an ill child I would try my best to save her. The fact is most parents love their children, and, it’s just a matter of how far is too far. It’s hard to say what I would do if my daughter was sick. But I know in my heart creating another child to “fix” her, would be wrong. In this case I am against making one life to save another. In my opinion it is not the way to fix this problem. I have discovered many cases where the parents made the conscious decision to bring another life into the world to save their sick child’s life. Would you choose to have a savior baby? In this paper, we will discuss some cases in which different families have decided to use this method to try to save their chronically ill child. By the end of this paper you will be able to take the information that is being presented and determine which side you stand on.
As stated on "What Is a Savior Sibling, and What Is Your View on Using IVF to Make Them? A “savior sibling” is the creation of a genetically matched human being, in order to save the life of a sick child in need of a donor. This requires creating a human embryo in a test tube, using the sperm from the father to fertilize the mother’s eggs. Then the embryos that are deemed genetically compatible will be implanted into the mother’s womb, where the embryo will grow and develop. Once the baby has been delivered, the cord blood is collected, which then will be used for the sick sibling. Down the road for this “Savior baby” lays multiple surgeries, where bone marrow, blood, and often organs, will be taken and used to benefit the sick sibling. Savior siblings are already being practiced in the United States, where it is not prohibited.
One example would be a case from the year 2000. There was a baby boy born named Adam Nash. Adam was the first savior baby in the United States. He was designed to save his sister Mollie. Mollie had a disease called Fancaoni’s Anemia (FA), which is a disease that is inherited; this disease affects the bone marrow. As a result of this disease it decreases the production of blood cells in the body, more information on this disease can be found at MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia online. The Nash’s had created a total of 30 embryos and went through a process of four rounds of In Vitro Fertilization ( IVF) in order to finally create Adam; who was exactly the right match for his sister. According to CBS News, Doctors at the University of Minnesota say that without Adam she would have died. One issue with this is that only one out of the thirty embryos was allowed to fully develop, the rest were disposed of, because they were not the perfect match. Many people including me believe that once a sperm and an egg are joined that is a life; now without going into another ethical argument, my question is since when is it considered acceptable to just throw away a potential life? How is this deemed...

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