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In today’s society, there are many different religions, one of those religions is Jainism. Jainism is a unique religion said to be founded in the sixth century BCE. This religion originated in India and has spread all over the world. The original language of Jainism was Sanskrit. This religion emphasizes on eliminating negative Karma, observing, purifying, disciplining the mind and body, and living by strict ethical principles. As one takes a journey through Jainism, the person will find peace with the earth and their mind.
A prince was born in the Kshatriya Clan named Mahaviria. He would later become the founder of Jainism. Mahaviria lived a life of a prince until the age of 30. He ...view middle of the document...

The other group is called Svetambaras, who stayed near Mahaviria’s original location (Fisher 122). Both of these groups make the women wear white robes. Digambara also believe that women cannot be pure like the men, so women are reborn in the lowest hell. The Svetambars believe women are capable of the same spiritual achievements as men (Fisher 123).
Jainas believe that they are reborn again and again until they free themselves from the wheel of birth and death (Fisher 123). Jainas can free themselves by practicing the teachings Mahaviria left behind. The first principle is karma, which is minute particles that we accumulate as we act and think (Fisher 125). In this stage they are eliminating negative tension. The second principle is ahimsa, which means everything is alive and to treat everything with care. They are so concerned with being peaceful that they cannot farm because insects can inadvertently be harmed by plowing. The third principle is aparigraha, which is to live with the bare minimum. The last principle to follow is anekantwad, which is remaining calm and everything can be seen in different ways. If one does not practice these principles they will continue to be reborn until they understand the concept.
Jainism has two major pilgrimage sites. “One of them is called Bihar, which is south of...

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