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Making A Splash(Y) In Social Media

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It’s no secret that the internet and social media have become a dominant part of our civilization. There are 2,495,518,376 people internet users worldwide. In addition to that a colossal 70% of them use the internet on a daily basis. On average that 70% will also spend 3.2 hours daily on social media, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube. Since there are so many people using social media, how do you get noticed?
In this Ted Talk Alexis Ohanian who is a co-founder of a “democratic front page of the best things on the internet”. How this works is users submit interesting things they found on the internet share it on Reddit and other users’ thumbs up or thumbs down your post. Every day new trends and memes are born right on the Reddit front page, making it simple to get noticed by others on the internet.
Alexis begins with a story of Mister. Splashy Pants, basically the Japanese government devised a whaling campaign, in which Humpback whales were getting hunted. However, Greenpeace an environmental organization took action and decided to put a tracking device on the Whales to defend them from the government. To personify the movement and shed light on to the issue they decided to name the whale, so they put a poll up on They suggested some really interesting names but, Mister Splashy Pants was the favorite name among the public. Eventually the name won by a landslide. However, Greenpeace wasn’t too pleased, so they decided to re-open the poll in hopes that people will start voting for a name of more significance. That had enraged the public, Greenpeace had no choice but to give up and accept that the public loves Mister Splashy Pants; they even began a whole marketing campaign, based on Mister. Splashy Pants. Most importantly, the exposure of the issue resulted in Greenpeace to accomplishing their mission and Japan called off their hunting mission leaving Mister. Splashy Pants unscathed.

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