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Making A Spreadsheet For A Teacher's Grades And Attendance

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Making a Spreadsheet for a Teacher's Grades and Attendance

My friend’s class teacher named Dave has to take a register every day
and has to keep marks that students have achieved on a regular basis.
Dave finds it very hard to keep all his papers organised, as they tend
to overflow and get messy. Because of this it can be an agonising
process trying to find a students set of results or attendance marks
when they are needed. He recently received a new computer from his Dad
as a present. My friends wants me to create a computerised spreadsheet
for him whereby he could keep attendance of pupils and their grades
and also create graphs out of the information to simplify it.

The more primitive way to solve this problem would be to create a more
organised and effective manual system, like a folder with various
sections in it to identify different pupils and grades that they have.
However it is not the ideal way of solving this certain problem as it
may prove to be just like his previous method. Another way by which
the problem could be solved would be to create a spreadsheet system.

The types of software packages I am considering for the use of this
project are as follows: Database, DTP, Word Processing and Spreadsheet

Each piece of software has its downsides and its positives.

Spreadsheets are one of the best programs for storing information, it
has fields in the row and column format and they can do calculations
of the sum, max, formulae type and etc. This is everything I will need
for the Dave’s situation and therefore I have decided to use this type
of program for my system.

Word Processing packages such as Microsoft Word are mainly text
manipulation. They can store lot of data, but not in a suitable format
for my end users needs. The packages cannot do any calculations so
this is not the kind of package I need as it is too one sided.

DTP (Desktop Publisher) is a package which produces high quality
design work e.g. leaflets, posters, flyers etc. This package is not
applicable to this project as it cannot store data in an easy to read
format and cannot do calculations, this is not what I need so I will
not be using it, although it is a very big multi purpose system.

Database packages include Lotus123 and Microsoft Works, effective at
storing information in fields (row and column format) but they cannot
do complex calculations, which are needed. This type of program cannot
do calculations it is unsuitable for my requirements. People like the
police use databases to store information on criminals although it
doesn’t suit the needs of this inquiry.

My friends teacher asked for a number of requirements to be met, they
are as follows:

* Dave needs to use a spreadsheet to keep a record of the attendance
of all of the students in the class.

* At the end of...

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