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Introduction/ Scenario Background
A business venture that relies heavily on importation of its products is greatly affected by worker’s strike. This condition becomes pronounced when dock workers strike because shipped commodities cannot be offloaded from ships nor any product cleared for transportation irrespective of its perishable nature. Nevertheless, a business venture must position its operations with such scenarios taken into account to ensure business continuity. When the business cannot receive shipments from Brazil Beans, custom coffee press machines, and China Teas, then the company must have proper strategies and alternatives to ensure business continuity.
Coping Strategies
Strikes are increasingly becoming a global phenomenon due to the impact they have on international scale. In this case scenario, workers strike is the preeminent challenge facing the company. Several approaches need to be taken with some employed simultaneously.
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In the event that a specific range of product cannot be acquired by the company, then the company should focus its attention on other products and events. In so doing, customers will continue to experience a range of other products on offer by the company as they wait for the strike to abate.
The company should monitor the situation to ensure that they have up-to-date information. Such information should then be dispatched to customers to ensure that they are enlightened on the situation as it unfolds. Keeping customers informed raises the confidence level because customers feel valued in the company and thus make return purchases of the company’s products.
Products that can be provided by other suppliers should be bought. Finding alternative vendors makes it easier for the company to build a sustainable relationship with these vendors in case such an incident recurs in future. Direct importations from mother country tend to be highly efficient, effective and cost effective method of business operation. Nevertheless, vendors of the same product tend to be costly although effective in delivering products to loyal customers. It is imperative for the company to have a memorandum of understanding in which case the vendor understands that the supply of these products is for a moment although future engagements are open to discussion.
There is a possibility for a section of the dock to be operational when come workers are on strike. However, the frailty of striking workers makes it hard for traders to solicit for alternative delivery arrangements. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of suppliers to use alternative delivery means for such products. For instance, the supplier can use air transport or alternative road delivery routes.
In addition, the company should take orders from customers with a discount incentive. Despite delays in delivering these products, customers can be motivated to place orders that will be delivered after the strike.
In conclusion, strikes are increasing becoming a global phenomenon due to the impact they have on businesses. To ensure business continuity a company needs to keep customers informed on the strike, focus on other products, and find alternative means of acquiring the products.

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