Making College Tuition Cheaper Essay

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Making College Tuition Cheaper

     I believe that college tuition should be cheaper for everyone no matter what economic level your family is in. College tuition should be very affordable for everyone, so everyone has a chance to get an education without being in debt. There are kids and adults all over the country and world that would love to go to college. Should Universities turn down people because they can't afford it? Of course there are numerous of scholarships, financial aids, and loans available, but sometimes they don't help everyone out that much; because the average family can’t fully support the child going to college, and make a living what is called comfortably in residence. I'd like to see a change in how much college tuition will be in the upcoming years, a drastic change.
     The cost of out of state is too much to be a full time college student. Although some families make an average amount of money that would seem to not need any help with their college funds, their finances really do. My family is a prime example; we have five kids in my family including myself. The two oldest kids, my older brother and I both attend college and mine happens to be out of state. Take a look at the numbers; it takes a toll on what a single parent spends per year. My father works very hard for his money and I don't want him to use his money on me getting an education and cheerleading for an awesome college. I want it to mean something, and for him to live on a wealthy note after all of us are done.
     I know that people’s taxes go towards scholarship money and financial aid, but that isn't enough anymore. More and more graduating youth and adults want to go to college after high school or to get into a new program. I believe the amounts of money we spend in college funds are outrageous. I am almost positive that everyone reading this would agree with me that they wish they hadn't spent so much to get an education. The demand to go to college is high, so I think that the state is going to raise the college tuition because they know the students will...

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