Making Comminities More Favorable In Here Goes The Neighborhood By Wilson And Taub And Growing Greener Cities By Birch

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Over the past few weeks I began to use the understanding we collected on elites to recognize the way in which cities are shaped. In the “There Goes the Neighborhood” book by William Julius Wilson and Richard Taub we saw the different neighborhoods that make up Chicago while in “Growing Greener Cities” by Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Watcher the idea of repairing ecological foundations was examined. The way that I tied these two texts together was through the manner that cities and neighborhoods can be made more favorable and beneficial. This strategy relates to the zero sum gain idea as the cities and neighborhoods look to better themselves over other cities to allow economic growth and become more attractive to residents for other cities. The one way I saw change in an area coming about was through the creating of greener cities. For change of this nature to occur elites are needed and specifically land developers.
Before looking at the ways to achieve a greener city, I decided to research the modern advancements in green cities and found out about Vertical forests in Milan and the benefits it has to offer. The architecture project in Milan aims to redefine nature in the metropolitan area, as two new buildings will incorporate over 2000 plants, shrubs, and trees. Integrating the plants into the building contributes to the wellbeing of the environment while at the same time increases aesthetically beautiful and comfort. The trees physically benefit the residents as they create a buffer between the city and apartment. The butter allows sun through the leaves while creating shade, filtering the city’s pollutants in the air in exchange for oxygen, and cooling down the building from the hot summer sun. While a complex design like this is expensive it is sustainable through reusable gray water and water that is used for heating. Another benefit of the trees is the reduced noise and wind through the city. When all the assistances provided by the trees is summed up the cost of the building is outweighed and the vertical forests which become feasible. By allowing an urban area to shift in this direction benefits all the residents and makes the area more desirable for others to inhabit as well.
While there are so many benefits from a building like this, they do not directly benefit the land developers who design them and are required to push for this kind of a project to come to life. In the capitalist society we live in there is no incentive for elites to provide for those who they cannot charge for the service. In fact the elites find financial motivating in removing the service and prevent others from receiving them. Once they take the service away it is seen as entrepreneurial to recreate the service in a new form that can be re sold to those who were formally benefiting for free. This shows a problem with importance being placed on individuality not cooperation. Our capitalist society creates a selfish mentality where one...

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