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People can hide things about themselves just to be accepted

Everybody hides something about themselves. Some people’s secrets are bigger than others. Some people keep them bottled up and this tends to have the worst effect on the person involved. When Jeff attempts suicide, he can't handle all the secrets that he’s been bottling up which is why he chooses to do it on new years eve. While he says he wants to “slip away with the old year into wherever it goes when its used up and we throw it away” I think he wants all his secrets to slip away and start fresh. Subconsciously, Jeff has hidden away the fact that he’s gay and deals with it by cutting. However, when everyone discovers about him and he kisses his best friend, Allie’s boyfriend, his secret it let out. Finally, one mistake, getting too drunk and for once not lying to himself and everyone else, he’s instantly outcasted. Everything that he’s been keeping locked ...view middle of the document...

When Jeff says “That's what people do. Kill the things they're afraid of.” He was afraid of himself, of how being gay was perceived as being ‘wrong’ and for him to ‘remove the wrong’ he had to kill himself.From this, I believe we can learn that people should never get to this point. The point in their lives where it all breaks away and they have nothing. We should help each other to get through whatever's happening in their lives. We shouldn't abandon people when they need someone, just because it will influence what people will believe about us and affect our social status.

Just because you need someone doesn’t mean you weak

Throughout the entire book, Jeff is shown to withdraw and be mistrustful to people whenever they offer help, advice or try to get to know him. The first time we learn of his mistrust is when he wakes up in the mental ward. When he’s talking about his Nurse, Nurse Goody he says, “I bet Nurse Goody is standing outside the door selling tickets, like those guys at the carnival who try to get people to pay to see the freak show”. He has indicated at times throughout the book that his family isn’t that close and a one point says ‘We have a big family hug, which is a miracle all on it’s own” His family not being that close could be one of the reasons why Jeff is so wary of other people in general. When Jeff first meets the other patients in the mental ward, he states that he’s “not going to be here long enough to make friends” this shows that he doesn’t feel like he belongs there so whats the point getting to know anybody. However when he talks to with Sadie, they eventually become friends and Jeff is left affected by her death. When Sadie died it brought back the memories of him trying to commit suicide. After those relives those moments again, he realises that he doesn’t want to die like Sadie, all alone. After her death you start to see him opening up to Dr Katzrupuz, his psychologist, and realising that it’s okay to rely on people. I think we should learn that just because you need somebody, for anything, doesn’t mean you’re weak or helpless. I think we can also learn that sometimes people will need you and you can’t abandon them when they do.

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