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Making Connections: Observation/Analysis Of The King’s Speech

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During early childhood a few aspects of the child’s abilities to learn and inhibit speech is very crucial. Having a speech impediment can be caused by the lack of the influential role of the parents during their linguistic phase of their development. Having a strict parent and an uninvolved parent can cause a child to become unhappy and feel guilty. Emotion regulation depends on the child’s relationship with the father. Children with parents who are uninvolved in their lives are more likely to be maltreated. Therefore, a child without a secure attachment with their parents is more likely to struggle later in life.
The King’s Speech is the story about King George VI, and his struggle to ...view middle of the document...

273). His father wanted his children afraid of him “I’m dammed well going to see that they are scared of me”. This can cause some issues to a child such as causing them to be unhappy, feelings of guilt, and internalizing their frustrations. Due to the mother’s lack of parenting when Bertie’s older brother David is late to a family dinner; their mother tells him “if your father were here, tardiness would not be tolerated” disregard her authority. This also supports the fathers’ authoritarian parenting because it shows even as adults they are expected to follow the rules he has made. Since authoritarian parents are not very interested in the child’s emotion many begin to feel ashamed of themselves, much like how Bertie feels. After his father dies he finds out that his father thought Bertie “had more guts than the rest of his brothers put together”. When parents are really strict they tend to not show affection and this can make a child think negatively about themselves.
Having a father who is authoritarian can lead into not having a close father-infant relationship. This type of relationship can teach a child appropriate expression of emotions, so without that Bertie is unable to fully control his emotions. On many occasions when he gets frustrated with his stammering he tends to yell and curse, especially when he is in therapy with Lionel. Bertie does not have emotion regulation which according to Berger (2011) is “the ability to control when and how emotions are expressed” (p.265). Lionel ends up using Bertie’s temper to help him with his stammering by having him curse when he is having trouble speaking. Without emotion regulation Bertie has developed...

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