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Making Friends With The Enemy. Is It Wrong To Associate With Prisoners Of War That Are From The Other Side?

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An American surgeon is preparing to perform an amputation on a prisoner in Cuba. This is a very vital operation, and can be very hard on a person emotionally as well as physically. The prisoner asks the doctor if he will sit and have tea after the surgery with him. For some reason, the doctor feels obligated to do him this small favor. I read this assignment, and I was utterly disgusted by it. For no reason should any prisoner of war, especially after the devastation that took place on September 11th 2001, have any favors of any sort done for him.I might sound a little barbaric talking about this issue, but, for some reason when I read this subject I was totally disgusted. The soldiers of the Taliban and the Middle East are killing our people, and they have started a major war with the United States of America. They have celebrated killing thousands of innocent Americans, and are willing to risk their lives in order to make America suffer for something that we have not done. Fortunately I did not lose anyone close to me in the attack in September. But if I did, I would want nothing more than to see the people responsible for this violent act to suffer. I saw close friends of mine crying and panicking when this horrible incident happened. It was very hard to watch people, regardless if I knew them or not, suffer because they lost friends or family members close to them.This patient is soldier, and a prisoner of war who is fighting for our enemy. He should not be treated any differently than the other prisoners that we have captured, nor any differently than any prisoner that Afghanistan has captured from the US. "So far, 158 prisoners, including three Britons, have been flown the 8000 miles from Afghanistan to Camp X-ray, 14 of them wounded on stretchers. Pictures showing some kneeling blindfolded, gagged, and shackled on arrival have prompted fierce criticism worldwide." (The Herald (Glasgow)) Yes, this is very horrible to picture. But these people have killed before,...

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