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Making Laws Against Distracted Driving Essay

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There are 300 million cellphones in the world, now a higher number than the outrageous 254 million vehicles. Not surprisingly, it is becoming increasingly popular to use cell phones wherever you go, including in the car. As a result, officials are warning citizens against these habits and their fatal results. Many people do not realize that the dangers of using a phone while driving are just as great as the popularity, which brings the government to a pressing decision-are national laws the right direction to head, and if so, how will it impact society? There are many reasons for the government to synthesis laws against distracted driving, some of which include the following:education ...view middle of the document...

As they move on from school, young adults view life in a new way, where they have freedom and do not have to follow council. We are facing the challenge of people not listening to warnings just because they can ignore them. Matters become different when laws are put in place. "...people's own fear of danger won't prevent cellphone use" (USA Today Information Network), but their fear of laws will. We can combat the rebellions of teens and young adults by making national laws against cellphones and driving.
Although it is determined that laws are the best way to go about promoting the prevention of distracted driving, there are many other efforts that can be made. Unlike only schooling teens on the effects of distracted driving and choosing not to make laws, we can double up and do both. Another thing we can pair with laws is public advertisement. Posters, stimulations, announcements, and commercials can all be used to further the cause and get these lingering dangers off the road. All in all, there is a lot we can do to continue the efforts after laws are made.
Contrary to the logical opinion, some people...

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