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Making Learning Whole Essay

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The book Making Learning Whole by David Perkins is developed teaching examples centered on a metaphor of playing a baseball game. Perkins feels that education is damaged when teachers break down knowledge into individual facts. When teachers teach only bits and pieces of knowledge at a time, students only get bits and pieces and not the overall picture. This hampers the students overall learning potential. I feel that his analysis about learning about realistic activities and getting students to engage in each aspect of learning will allow the student to acquire more meaningful connections in learning. I do feel that when a student sees the relevance in what is being taught, they will be able to make meaningful connections and also progress both critical knowledge and also have more success at attacking the challenging parts. Perkins Theory of learning by playing the whole game is a fun way to conceptualize teaching while shaping the minds of our students. While using baseline experiences, teachers can challenge current thinking to entice their students. Giving students the end concept as a main focus, while putting all the pieces together, helps students engage in critical thinking aspects of learning. Showing how this impact their life, or how they can apply the information to their life will give the students a more accurate understanding of content.
Perkins talked about visions of meaningful education cover three basic outlines: enlightenment, empowerment, and responsibility. I feel that this statement is a powerful statement that covers the basic thought process in lesson planning. How can I enlighten my students? How can this lesson empower them to make connections? I must acknowledge my responsibility and role of making sure connections are being formed. I will take his instruction on creating a “junior version” to teaching the ultimate goals. My students can learn the big picture of the subject and then return to the harder aspects of the lesson or game. By following his theory it will help the students understand the concepts that prove problematic to comprehend. Taking smaller steps to cover the harder aspect while keeping the big picture in mind will help the students achieve a more overall success of the lesson.
At first I had a hard time relating to all the analogies but then I stated breaking his words down so that I could grasps his teaching theory. I can relate to his statement about letting students play the whole game, because reducing elements will help the student get a clearer picture. He also states the fact that teachers need to make it worth playing which translated to the classroom means making learning fun so it will motivate the student to practice until the master even the hard aspects. He wrote the phrase, “Play out of Town,” which I felt means knowledge scaffolding. Perkins also referred to uncovering Hidden aspects of the Game, which can be done by...

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