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Making Love To The Mind: The Greatest Intimacy

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Sappho was exiled as a teenager to Sicily because of political reasons. Sappho was called a lyrist, because she performed her poems with lyre. Majority of Sappho’s poems reflect extreme, intense, feelings of desire. Sappho wrote poems about love, and most times her poems were directed towards other women. During the time period, in which Sappho lived, her poems were not considered bad because of the homosexual content she presented. The amount of tenderness, Sappho exuberates in her poetry, shows she’s a loving and caring person. Sappho’s poetry is veru heartfelt and honest that it must be her own personal feelings. Sappho’s writing is so vivid and descriptive, that drawing an imaginative ...view middle of the document...

Also Sappho feels a great deal of heat when touched by this person or when thinking about this person. Sappho’s passionate words describes her inner turmoil and how she has little restraint when it comes to being with a women.
Sappho shows great affection towards women and treats them accordingly. In Sappho’s poem, “Poem 94,” she recites: “I simply want to be dead. / Weeping she left me/ with many tears and said this: / Oh how badly things have turned out for us. /Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you. / And I answered her: / Rejoice, go and/remember me. For you know how we cherished you.” Sappho treated women so tenderly and affectionately that they did not know anything else. Sappho’s lover would rather die than leave the comfort of their haven. Sappho cherished the women so well that the women will always love and care for Sappho. And it was crucial and devastating for the woman to have to leave Sappho. The amount of affection Sappho treats women is also described in the poem……………………………..: “Never to let this lose me grace/ but rather bring you back to me: amongst our mortal women the one/ I most wish to see.” In both poems the women is away from Sappho. This poem shows the affection in which Sappho treats women in the line, “amongst our mortal women the one / I most want to see.” Out of all the women Sappho wishes to bring this one back. She wants this one woman more than any other woman she encountered. She is showing this woman affection by making her feel special, wanted, and cared for, just like in the first poem.
Sappho teats women with such high regards. Sappho shows women respect. Sappho seems like someone who gives generously. Sappho satisfies her lovers sexually, mentally, and...

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