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Medicinal Marijuana 1Running Head: MEDICINAL MARIJUANAMedicinal MarijuanaLegalizing Medicinal Marijuana on a Federal LevelAugust 15, 2008Composition II ENG102Medicinal Marijuana 2AbstractThis is a growing debate and this paper will follow the history of marijuana use. The Federal government maintains that marijuana is a drug that should be controlled and banned substance under all circumstances. There is a need to legalize medicinal marijuana on a Federal level. There are states that have legalized medicinal marijuana and doctors are running into problems when the Federal government is not recognizing these prescriptions and arresting patients and criminalizing them. Each perspective will be ...view middle of the document...

Alcohol is a drug that is legal but has severe consequences currently for those who consume too much or consumers who are addicted to it. Coffee and caffeinated beverages are a drug that is currently over consumed by adults and youth. The reasons for not legalizing medicinal marijuana as; "the court ruled that it is Congress's constitutional authority to regulate the interstate market," (Lane, 2005). Stating that marijuana is part of that interstate market and the government can even regulate the wheat that farmers produce. John P. Walters, President Bush's director of national drug control policy states, "Our nation has the highest standards and most sophisticated institutions in the world for determining the safety and effectiveness of medication. Our national medical system relies on proven scientific research, not popular opinion,"(Lane, 2005).Popular opinion is the voice of America, the consumer, each of us as individuals and as a society as a whole. Passing the laws on a state level should signal to our government officials that there is a need not being met by our government and that is to legalize medicinal marijuana. Our government is unwilling to allow us, as consumers the control over whether we choose to legally be prescribed medicinal marijuana. This is showing to consumers that our voice is not being heard.Doctors Point of View"The state laws are classified as a state having a physician prescription law if it (1) enables physicians to prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes, (2) provides physicians with an affirmative defense from state prosecution for prescribing marijuana, or (3) provides physicians with an affirmative defense from state prosecution for discussing the medicinal value of marijuana with their patients. Physicians had the ability to legallyMedicinal Marijuana 5prescribe marijuana until the 1970 Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act (Pub. L. No. 91-513, 84 Stat. 1236, now known as the Federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970, 21 U.S.C. 811 et seq.)," (Pacula, Chriqui, Reichmann, Terry-McElrath, 2001).In 1972 there was a petition submitted enabling it legal for a physician to provide a prescription to medicinal marijuana which failed. This began a series of court battles ensued pertaining to this petition, a battle that continues today and for over the next 24 years. This is when states began to take matters into their own hands.The Institute of Medicine (IOM) did a report the facts in its 1999, Marijuana and...

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