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Making Of A Legend Essay

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What does it take to be a legend? How far would one go to be a legend in something one enjoys? Jordan Burroughs will go the the ends of the earth to considered a legend in the sport of freestyle wrestling. He went from underdog to top dog with years of hard work, unrelentless training, and never giving up on his dream to be a legend in mans oldest sport...wrestling.
In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus wrestled Cronos in a battle over the universe in which of course Zeus won. The great event was celebrated by making wrestling the last event in the Pentathlon. Back in Ancient times greek men wrestled covered in olive oil and naked. To win one had to throw his opponent or knock him down, but ...view middle of the document...

Jordan was ranked 52 in state and stayed there for the whole year.
After his championship season in 06’ he accepted a scholarship to wrestle for University of Nebraska. Again Burroughs wasn’t the best… yet. He finished his freshman year for Nebraska just over 500, his record, 16-13. In the next three years his lucked had changed, working harder than ever Burroughs managed to end his last three years with a total record of 111-6 (Burroughs). Finishing his junior and senior season 09’ and 11’ undefeated with back-to-back national crowns.
He captured his first national title in 2009 winning in the 157 pound bracket and his second crown in a 11-3 battle over Tyler Caldwell of Oklahoma. Burroughs astonished wrestling fans everywhere that year by winning all four of his matches in the national tournament by major decisions, including an injury default in the second round (Fin). Statistics showed that Burroughs had now become the best of the best in college wrestling with having only three matches that didn’t end by major decision, tech fall, or pin his senior year.One of those majors was over the defending NCAA national champion Andrew Howe of Wisconsin in the Midlands tournament. Burroughs also captured over two minutes of riding time on Howe.
In Burroughs college career he finished with three Big 12 titles, two national championships including the heisman of wrestling the Hodge Trophy. After winning the national crown, in late 2009 Burroughs was sidelined with a torn LCL and PCL which called for almost 9 month recovery. In Jordans college career he accomplished: Two-Time NCAA Champion (2009,157; 2011, 165), 2011 Hodge Trophy winner, 2011 InterMat Wrestler of the Year, Three Time All-American (3rd,2008; 1st, 2009; 1st 2011), Four-Time NCAA National qualifier, Three-Time Big 12 Champion, Outstanding Wrestler of 2008 Big 12 Championships, Midlands champion and a bunch more.
After graduating Jordan wasted no time and jumped right into the international freestyle wrestling scene. Burroughs made his first world team in 2011 and became only the fourth wrestler in American history to win a NCAA and World Championship in the same year.
All though his astonishing college career Jordan enjoys doing normal things in life and thinks of himself as a pretty normal guy. He loves to play video games including Madden and FIFA on XBOX and PS3. Burroughs loves to go shopping for new things but some of his favorite things to buy are, shoes and watches (Burroughs). He loves food, but his favorite foods include pepperoni pizza and hot wings. Burroughs is big in social media and has caught a lot of attention by his twitter name “@alliseeisgold”. Besides Gold, Burroughs dreams about parking his dream car, an Audi A8 in his driveway (Burroughs).
What many people might not know about Jordan is that he has a secret talent. He can rip an actual phone book in half! Burroughs as acquired a nickname from his un-human like strength. He is known as a modern day Superman to many...

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