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Making Our School Systems Eco Friendly

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Our generation today is known as the starter generation when it comes to sustainability. We are just now becoming economically aware and starting to change our ways to help the environment. That might mean we are starting to be smarter about our means of transportation or it might mean that we are making more of an effort to recycle. Either way we are starting to make strides towards reducing our carbon footprint. While it is great that our generation is doing these things, it is extremely important that we adults instill an even greater will to help the environment within the generations following ours. This is why we believe that schools nowadays should in cooperate the idea of “going ...view middle of the document...

These changes start in the children’s school systems. Ultimately, school communities are ideal places to practice what you preach in regards to the environment. With the support of fellow students, teachers and parents it is the perfect place for kids to get influenced to make actual change. This is not an easy thing to do though. Initially it can be very costly and time consuming. Not to mention the process it would take to get the whole educational board to agree to these changes. But, once everything is in motion, it would be extremely beneficial to the environment in the long run.
The first step to a “green” school system is educating students. Like we said above, it is extremely important that they fully understand their importance in the world’s sustainability. If they can grasp the fact that just because they can’t see the negative effects of their actions at this moment, it doesn’t mean they won’t see the effects in generations to come, then they will most likely be more willing to stop their negative actions. Some ways schools can get students involved is by having educational assemblies where students can learn about the ecological problems we face today and ways that they can help change that for the future. Another way we can encourage students is by having class contests to see who could recycle the most or use the least amount of power. By giving kids an incentive by having a competition they are more likely to get involved. It is also important that the students see the positive side to their actions for some positive reinforcement. Just making the students aware that all of their actions have some sort of negative or positive reaction on generations after them is a step in the right direction.
The next step would be changing the make of the school buildings. Things as little as changing out all of the light bulbs to environmentally friendly bulbs would make a huge difference in being Eco friendly. Also by putting in low water pressure toilets they could greatly increase the amount of water being used. Schools represent the largest non-residential building sector and by switching them all to green schools it would have a huge impact on decreasing their overall carbon footprint. “On average, green schools save $100,000 per year on operating costs — enough to hire at least one new teacher, buy 200 new computers, or purchase 5,000 textbooks,” (Green Schools Save Money). The benefits of going green are endless, not only are you helping the environment but also helping the school.
Next, reducing the use of paper would be a very positive change. Often time’s teachers don’t think about the environment when they are printing off class handouts. They print more copies than needed and half of them go to waste. Also, they often don’t think to print their pages double sided. If teachers could start doing little things like making their printouts double sided or even posting those types of things online instead of printing them, it would...

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