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Making Owning Guns Illegal Essay

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Guns kill people therefore I must own the laziest guns, since mine haven’t done anything yet. In my essay I will explain why making guns illegal is pointless and giving the government more control over us as U.S. citizens. I’ll show results of countries doing similar things. I will also voice my opinion on why my views are this way.
First of all, the absent of guns from legal owners have a higher crime rate in their area. For an example when Australia put strict gun laws on people one- third of their people gave back their guns. This did not help at all because it was only the responsible people giving them back, so in other word’s the true criminals kept their weapons leaving people vulnerable. Crime has sky rocketed in Australia after the weapons pretty much became illegal. States with harsh gun rules see more crime because people cannot protect themselves against thugs or killers. States that allow more freedom of weapons see that those areas see a lot less crime because people are more protected and criminals think twice before they attempt to harm someone who has a gun.
Second of all, people who use guns to kill usually obtain them illegally in the first place. It’s usually people already with a violent criminal history or mental history that commit most of these crimes using guns. People should be checked once every year or two like drivers or soldiers to make sure they are still able to properly use it and are up to date on new laws. Another problem is News media’s always jump on these stories without getting all the facts first or not wanting to tell the people all the facts to help their political side they are with.
Finally, people who want guns outlawed are ill-informed. I personally think they are scared of what the government tells them to do. People are too arrogant to...

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