Making The Achievements Worth Essay

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Can one change the world with a few words? Martin Luther King Jr., through his amazing ability for public speaking, fought for the rights of twenty million people in the United States of America. However, without the challenges King faced from racial discrimination, his public speaking might have never surfaced. Horace once observed that adversity allows talents or abilities to surface. Without the difficulties in life, the talents one could have would never appear. Adversity challenges people to escape their comfort zone, causes them to try, and gives talents they may have never appreciated or had.
Children around the globe are being carefully guarded, watched and babied by their parents or care takers which shelters them from necessary life experiences in the world. There was a girl who had everything she ever wanted from her parents. Without begging she could ask her parents for anything and it would be hers. Without common household chores, punishments, and a “no” every now and then she got used to the luxury and accommodated to that lifestyle by expecting everything that she wanted. She was protected from the common life of a child and though she was excelling in other areas, life outside of those achievements was difficult for her because her friends and teachers didn’t give her everything she wanted like her parents did. She ended up changing schools at least six times because none of them could give her the habits that she was used to. Sheltering helps no one to succeed; those who hide in their shells for the rest of their lives won’t experience anything new. Many families cradle their children, protecting them from harm’s way. However, sometimes they are shielding way from the greatest opportunity of their lives. Bethany Hamilton, pro-surfer, lost her arm to shark in a horrific surfing accident. Her family as well as herself considered not returning to surfing. However, she returned to surfing a month later and won a national championship two years following. People might be protecting themselves from the ability to do something amazing.
When someone is pushed to the limit, it initiates fight or flight mode. Do they stay and try to compete or give up? Many people aren’t pushed to compete; in fact, when there is pressure, many people choose flight. Similar to natural selection, this chooses the best of the best in talent. Those who can’t handle the difficulty of a complicated note will go, but those who work harder to master it will stay. Bill Gates, a wildly successful billionaire from starting Microsoft©, overcame the failure of his first business to revolutionize the technology world. Many athletes fight through every broken bone, bloody gash, and long training hour to...

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