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Making The Better Choice How Our Choices Affect Our Health

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Did you know that diet can be related to about 60% of all cancer cases? ("How Does My Diet Affect My Health?.") Did you know that 7,300 people die in the U.S. alone because of second hand smoke, even though they were nonsmokers? ( "Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke.") Finally, did you know that if you drink one 12-ounce can of soda everyday for a year, by the end of that year you will have consumed a total of about 35 pounds of sugar? ("Just One Soda Per Day.") Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Lifestyle choices affect your overall health.
Our lifestyle choices affect our health and sometimes the health of others. So what lifestyle is the most important? Physical exercise is one of the ...view middle of the document...

Next, how have the causes of death have changed in the last 100 years? In the 1900's the leading causes of death in the U.S. were influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal infections, and heart disease, respectively (Ross). Notice that all of these can be caused by a virus. At that time medicine wasn’t advanced enough to treat viral infections. Today the leading causes of death include heart disease, cancer, chronic airway disease, cerebrovascular disease, and all accidents, respectively (Ross). Looking at the differences between then and now recognize that the causes today are no longer viral diseases. Doctors have learned how to better treat viral diseases with antibiotics. Although Doctors have not come up with a sure-fire way to cure heart disease, prevention is considered one of the best treatments. This includes making better lifestyle choices such as more physical activity, better diet, ect. ("Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Options for Treatment”). As one makes lower risk lifestyle choices, the chances of getting many diseases are decreased.
Finally, choosing a high or low risk lifestyle can impact one’s future. Even engaging in one high-risk choice can greatly increase the risk of health problems. Perhaps someone is addicted to smoking. According to the website "Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking,” smokers increase their risk of heart disease by about two to four times. That’s just one type of disease out of many that smoking can impact. Imagine a person became addicted to alcohol. Not only does that person become a risk to himself or herself, but he or she becomes a risk to others. Alcohol hurts one’s body’s functions and can cause birth deficiencies in babies if a female drinks it while pregnant. Plus, both alcohol and cigarettes cost a lot of money just to poison one’s body. If people don’t eat a balanced diet they don’t get the nutrients a body needs to function properly and they don’t feel good. Not enough physical activity can lead to heart disease and other health problems like type 2 diabetes. These are examples of how just one decision can influence you. Now think about the combined affects if someone chose to do all of these high-risk choices. Together these choices make a person three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease and four times as likely to die from cancer (Woznicki). Choosing a low-risk lifestyle can decrease one’s risk of disease, save money, help others, and help her or him to feel better.
Many important points have been covered that will hurt or help your health. Evidence shows why physical exercise is one of the most important choices because it does so much to decrease one’s risk of disease. When a person exercises, he or she feels better and is more likely to make better decisions like a healthier diet. It has been shown...

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