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Many older people are cashing more than ever because they will not give up their car keys when they need to say it is time to give up driving. We should defiantly propose that we take care of this issue by making them retake the exam. So many elderly are getting into wrecks and some are even driving on the wrong side of the road killing people. By proposing that we need to force the elderly to retake that driving exam every six months is to insure that they will be able to drive more safely on our public roads still today. A lot of people agree and dis-agree with the retaking idea of an exam, but it would be very beneficial to enforce this as a new law due to the high rising risks of older drivers. “Citizen Drivers over 65 may need retesting, limited licenses, and restricted hours of driving time because the number of car accidents involving seniors is rising” (Zarate, 2). We cannot keep people safe by allowing elderly people take over our roads creating a mass destruction on our poor young drivers. Making the elderly retake the driver’s exam is not currently legal in the state of Missouri due to equal rights, but it should become a law to help stop the elderly from crashing into other people or driving on the wrong side of the road. “Some will insist they are capable drivers despite all indications to the contrary. That's why we believe a driving test not just a medical exam at the age of 75 should be mandatory” ("Older Drivers”).
More than half of our driver’s population is made up of the elderly and is continuing to rise every year. Stricter rules on the elderly in the state of Missouri would not only make the roads safer, but would also decrease our rise in crashes. People have tried to make stricter rules it just always gets ruled out. “The legislators however stopped short of fully endorsing those plans because such a drastic move would involve one million drivers in the state who are over 65 and already fed up with high taxation and wasteful spending”( Zarate,2). Now the elderly may not agree with this, and it has been said that taking their licenses away would restrict them from getting to places that they need such as health care or supply of food. The ability to drive often determines whether an older adult is able to live independently. “Driving is the primary mode of transportation in the United States, and personal vehicles remain the transportation mode of choice for almost all Americans, including older people” (“On the Road”). The common citizen would agree with the retaking the exam because it would keep their families safe and would reassure that the elderly have the ability to perform driving well. In reality age brings with it reduction in vision, less mobility, and slower reaction times. Elderly driving is a scary thing when there is people out there being killed because some elderly person is not paying attention to where he or she is going they are completely oblivious to the world around them. Although they are oblivious...

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