Making The Grade: Cause And Effect Of Climbing Academic Pressure

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Is the increasing pressure in today’s school systems creating a generation of future successful adults in the work force or are we faced with countless amounts of shortcomings including dropouts, drug dependent adults, and psychologically affected students? Although many students escape high school and college unharmed by the potentially enormous pressure placed on them to meet certain standards, there are many that fall victim to the idealistic expectations. Outstanding pressure has been the gateway to the development of drug dependency and in some cases, addiction in many students, as well as mental and psychological disorders, and academically dishonest behaviors.
Although minimal issues can be caused by the students themselves, a great deal of the problems faced come from external sources, such as parents, teachers, and peers. However, the biggest stressor in the lives of high school students has been clearly identified due to the negative results being displayed through their students has sparked educators’ recognition. Although 15% of teachers said their students had more confidence, and 28% said their students were more prepared for learning, an overwhelming 61% said their students felt more anxiety and 24% of teachers said their students overall self confidence had taken a turn for the worse (Jones). Despite the minimal amount of educators that felt the stress had resulted in positive results, the teachers’ claims about the negative effects on their students prove that the increasing standards and the effects that come with them are undoubtedly apparent.
Most students experience one or both types of stress, appraisal and coping. Appraisal is the range of responses a student has to everyday stressful situations. Coping is the method to handle each of these separate situations in a way that the individual feels is best, or the easiest (Lyrakos). Appraisal can be affected by the amount and severity of the stress as well as the personality of the individual under it. Appraisal is an important measurement in the students overall health because it fuels their emotions. If the individual cannot convert the stress into a positive motivation to complete the task at hand, added stress and failure will be the overall result, decreasing their overall health by a significant amount. This is seen in numerous situations in which the student loses the ability to comply and respond to the demands of their everyday life. The student is then drowned by negative thoughts which form into negative emotion. Coping, however, is the methodical region of every stressful situation. Some students choose to further associate with fellow students regarding the same workload in order to cope with their own. Other students spend multiple hours alone at a time so they can easily and strategically find new, personalized ways to succeed with the schedule they’ve been given. As in appraisal, coping methods vary from severity and personality. If a student is under more...

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