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Making The World A Better Place With My Communications Degree

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Various people throughout my educational pursuit have asked me, “What can you do with a degree in Communications?” My answer is, I can do many things but mostly I want to deliver messages in order to help others. I am a networker by nature and I want to use that skill in order to help initiate positive change. In order to capitalize on my innate persuasive talents, I feel I must strive to speak to people and not at people. Anyone can talk but a true communicator can extract information and talent from others and shed a positive light on an issue or a cause. I want to be that communicator.
The historical progress of communication has gone from face-to-face grunts, groans and body language, to cave paintings, to print media and now to social media whereby you can reach virtually anyone in the world. What has not changed are key points, first you must get the other party to hear your message, secondly the message must be received and interpreted and there must be a form of feedback and participation for the message to be successful. I remember my first State College Communication epiphany was realizing that to be a good communicator, you must be a good listener. Communication, particularly in the social media age is a continuous loop of realization that the sender of a message is simultaneously a receiver of message. Without this sender/receiver loop, a person is not communicating with another. When I think of communication, I look to Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs for answers. Abraham Maslow developed a model presenting human needs; starting with the most basic and advancing to those that motivate and foster personal development. The stages are biological and physical, Safety, Belonging and love, Esteem, and lastly Self-actualization. My goal is to work with companies and organizations striving to attending to the lower level of needs so a person can grow to attend to their hierarchy of needs and become someone, like me, who is committed to be a change communicator. My capstone project, “No starving artist here” was such an endeavor based on taking care of the basic needs of aging artists and children. Through the funds raised by the project, I will be able to assist both the elderly and the young to attend to the lower level of needs such as food, water and shelter as well as higher level of needs including a sense of belonging, self- esteem and self- actualization (Miller, 2012).
Web 2.0 is reaching 37.3 percent of the world population, as of May 9, 2013. Social media connects and empowers people by encouraging them to interact, comment, complain, suggest and share ideas and information. Media is no longer a one-way communication whereby the reporter of the news is the sole source of information. With social media, we all become reporters and therefore responsible for the message we send and receive. Transparency is what the new media is about and I want to be a purveyor of information to help any organization, company or cause with which I...

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