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Making The Production And Selling Of Cigarettes Illegal

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A cigarette meaning "small cigar" is a cylinder wrapped tightly around tobacco leaves with thin paper used for smoking. The cigarette is lighted and allowed to smolder while inhaled at the other end. The cigarette is held in or placed in the mouth and in some cases a cigarette holder may be used as well. Most modern manufactured cigarettes are filtered and include other additives and regulated tobacco. Cigarettes carry many health concerns, more than any other tobacco related product. Nicotine, the primary psychoactive chemical in tobacco and therefore cigarettes, is addictive. Almost half of cigarettes smokers die of tobacco related diseases and/or issues and lose on average about 14 years of their lifespan. Due to all these health concerns that cigarettes cause, the production and selling of cigarettes should be made permanently illegal.
The only problems with making the production and selling of cigarettes illegal is although tobacco related deaths would drastically reduce each year, crime rate and taxation loss would substantially increase. In theory millions of Americans would finally quit, and millions would never start. Many Americans on the other hand would continue to smoke and Big Tobacco would be replaced by a more dangerous and violent black market. Murder would increase as criminal organizations would compete for turf and markets of tobacco. Crime rate would also spike as millions of people would tobacco addicts would seek ways to obtain any form of tobacco. Many people can not overcome the addictive properties of nicotine, therefore can not abruptly quit smoking whether tobacco is illegal or not. The government would also lose about 24 billion dollars in tax revenue and 8.8 billion in settlement payments for tobacco companies. These issues are nothing compared to second and third hand smoke, environmental issues, and peoples support on making cigarettes illegal.
Second hand smoke is a mixture of gases and fine particles that include smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipe tips, smoke exhaled by a smoking individual, and 7000 chemicals hundreds of which are toxic and can cause cancer. Exposure to secondhand smoke is most common in the household and workplace as well as public places such as; bars, restaurants and casinos and in private vehicles. Elimination of smoking indoors is the only way to completely protect people from the effects of secondhand smoke. Separating smokers from nonsmokers, opening windows, or ventilating the air does not protect from secondhand smoke exposure. Secondhand smoke in children is common and causes ear infection, frequent and severe asthma attacks, problems with respiratory systems and infections, and an increase in infant mortality. Second hand smoke is responsible for 150,000-300,000 new cases of pneumonia and bronchitis annually and 7500-15000 hospitalizations each year.
Third hand smoke is tobacco smoke contamination that remains after the cigarette has been extinguished. A recent study showed that...

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