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Making The Right Decision To A Fulfilling Career

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There are once in people’s lifetime in which they’ve to choose or decide what kind of career path they want to follow. They might have received some advice from others such as teachers, mentors, families, or friends but still have some challenges/difficulties along the way. However, some people in society might have received a lot of pressure from others to choose a career that might be beneficial even though they didn’t support the idea, and some might have received an advice to follow their instincts. It is better to follow the dreams of their choice than struggling to make one.
Nowadays, young students from high school who are entering college has a lot of experience in which a mentor or someone might have given them the opportunity and advice to follow their dream goals. Following the instincts of their mind is an every possible step in order to make sure they have a good academic integrity. Although young students might have some weaknesses/challenges but their mentors still understand how they felt towards their success/ goals.
Yet, while in high school, there are some educators who thought that without having a good decent job or the best occupation in the world, such as being a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or a business-man, life will always be a struggle and full of challenges to every individual. For example, there are some situations where most teachers would pressure their students that entering college is a very difficult task to endure in which that no one neither the professor’s will care about them. This is a situation where most students will start developing a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset. The fear of anxiety will never be at rest through what he/she heard from the teacher. Instead of pursuing their dream goals and do what they love doing best, they will rather listen/do whatever society wants them to be.
If I can relate back to the old sayings of an English instructor while in high school; “College is the place of either you want to succeed or be a failure. It’s up to you because the requirements are very challenging and difficult to handle. So in order...

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